What to do in Sweden?

I’m off to Sweden in 19 days, no parents, just my older brothers, and I’m 16. any suggestions on things I should do?

Answer #1

Visit the Archipelago, the History Museum complete with iron executioner´s swords blunted with age which is part of the Vasa palace which burnt down, the Natural History Museum (but it used to have an awful stuffed female great cat with her young with still a mark where blood had poured out of the wound whereby she had been killed by these monstruous naturalists), visit Gamlastan the historic beautiful Old Town of Stockholm, visit the Church where the Protestant Reformer King Gustav Adolph rests quietly, the battle is over wherein he struggled that Europe might read the Bible in its own tongues, his shirt hangs there I believe a piece of evidence, there are other churches including one with a lamp on which is a mystical curse, in one of the churches behind glass is a helmet, in the countryside and near the suburb Tensta Faringeplan inside the copse are ancient Germanic or older graves of heaped stones, there may be museums of Viking art, and there is the Kungliga Bibliotheket near Humlegarden where still now a Slav Bible is to be found from a great and lovely city where the Jewish citizenry fought to defend it from the Swedish Protestant forces, if you go to Siktuna you will see a church burnt down by those other Slavs who would not accept that the Swedes return to fight them long after Rurik. Along roads there are rune stones, there is the old university town of Linkoping, there is the beauty of Karlhall the apple orchards and near the forest encircled lake if it is still that way today, there is or was a beautiful rose garden somewhere beyond Tensta, Stockholm also has a brick-built market or bazaar and then there is the transcendantal purist beauty of the far North, the thawed, fresh-flowing rivers, reindeer, forest, Lapps and the reaches of the Aurora Borealis as marking a natural borderland, in the South there is the pleasant accent of the people and the folk songs of the rolling lands of Dalarna. And there are lovely quiet village churches here and there and in quiet is said wordlessly “A strong Castle is our God”.

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