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My dog, half shitzu half terrier, gave birth for the 1st time 12-23. She wants nothing to do with the pups, thank goodness she only had 2. She will let them nurse if we hold her down but she will do nothing else, so we have been cleaning them and keeping them warm. Up until Sunday they were both going pee and poop when I use a cotton ball on them, now they will pee but they have only pooped once since Sunday. They are both eating very well about every 2 – 2 1/2 hours. Is there anything else I can do to try and get them to poop? Thanks!!

Answer #1

My dog gave birth and you have to make sure they are drinking water which makes them digest the food easier.

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Thank you for everyone who answered, it was very helpful. I thought they were getting full from mom but I am having doubts now, I think they were filling up more on air. I gave them a drop of Karo syrup and gave them some warm water. I have also been supplementing them with the bottle all day and so far we have poop everytime I stimulated them. YEAH. Mom won’t lick them or anything, while I am pottying them or cleaning them she will come see what I am doing and if I try to show her one of them she runs off and she shakes uncontrollably while we make her nurse. But they are doing good and pooping :)

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laceykohlman, thats what my dixie did…I think she associated them with the pain she was in (this was her 1st liter) and she would just run off scared and shake. Sounds like you are doing a great job…I hope her instincts will kick in soon…they finally did for my dixie, but it took a while…even when the pups cried for the longest time, she didnt react…

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I think Magic coverd it but I would say a vet visit for both pups and mom is in order. You should call before the holiday, good luck and let us know how everything is going.

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We’ve got some people here who will be able to help you out…I’m giving them a “heads up” to come to this question…


Answer #6

Try getting them to drink some warm water

Answer #7

need born puppy won’t drink water. its four weeks old and was taken from the mother. we use a dropper but it closes his mouth shut. what to do?

Answer #8

I am so sorry…My Dixie had her puppies in Oct and was the same way for about 3 is so stressful, I understand. Are they gaining weight? If so keep doing what you are doing, if you cant tell, get a scale…I finally had to…I got one that weighs in oz’s and was 35.00 but so worth it…you may be able to find cheaper ones that work just as well, but I searched every store here and this was all I found. Very important to make sure they stay warm…I had a heating pad under the puppies(set on low) with newspaper and a towel on top of it as well. As long as the mother isnt aggressive towards the puppies I would make her be with them as much as possible even tho she may not be doing her job on her own…it shows her that those puppies are hers and her responsibility… Also do contact your vet… Warm washrags, cotton balls ect…work the best with stimulating the pups… if you even hold the pups up to the Mom, does she respond at all to them? I did that after a while with dixie and she would then lick them while I held them, but wouldnt otherwise… Magic is experienced big time in this and helped me through with many other people here…dont be afraid to ask any question, no matter how trivial it seems…you should see all the many many questions I asked,,,lol doing is learning…chock this up to experience and now you are on your way to advising others in this later on… Please keep me informed on how things are going.

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My dog had puppies and they are one week and two days old she had five but one died. Only four survived, three of them seem big, healthy and are eating right. The other one just wont eat at all!! iu tried putting her near the mo so she cold eat but she just wont eat!

Answer #10

I have new puppys there is 4 3 are doing well but the runt is not moving verywell wont suck on the titty is sunday what could I do ?

Answer #11

You have got to get your Vet involved. I had one that did this and it was the first signs of losing her. Are you supplementing with puppy formula? I am sure they may need some extra nourishment, if Mom is rejecting them.

I must add I have saved more pups than I have ever lost so don’t let the above comment discourage you.

Also you can give them a little dark kero syrup. Just a tiny drop and see if it will get their bowels to work. Plus it will bring their blood sugar back up

Are you sure they are not pottying after you clean them? The one I lost would poo a few minutes after I would clean her.

Another suggestions is to wipe with the warm cotton ball feed with the bottle and wipe with the warm cotton ball again after feeding them. This is suggested on the formula for puppies. Walmart sales the formula in the Pet section, as does your Vet. Read the directions carefully.

I would for sure get the Vet, involved. But only if they are helpful over the phone and not trying to get you to come in and soak you.

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