New Song No Title

My new song…a little more rough than usual but I love it haha…its pretty rad but tell me whatchu think…do you like it? Oh and I need a title so any ideas?

One reason why I chose you fo’ My woman is that you can do the f*ckin’ mo’ Lay you on the bed to the god damn floor Keep it moving girl ‘cause I need that hardcore

Another reason why I love your as Your fckin’ like every stroke could be your last Do me do me do me do me like a bad dance

I met her on FunAdvice She was such a hahaha She took me for a foo’ Cause I acted like a rockstar Oh Amanda…My Amanda…

She was just the cutest thing My god, that I had ever seen Tearin’ up my mind Messin’ with my oh you know what I mean Oh Amanda…My Amanda… So about the time that I was feeling fine again She walked into the room wearing nothing oh here we go again Oh Amanda…My Amanda… She knows what she is doin When she doin me…Oh

Main reason why I’m in your house Hot cm melts across your mouth Fckin’ and a suckin’ and a moanin’ Machine The more she move, the more she scream

Answer #1

I’m 90% embarassed, and 10% flattered.

lol.. im not that much of a freakkk.

Answer #2

I like the tittle and the song is really good! the tittle is caind of decribing the song in a unique way you should go for it! gu luk!:P

Answer #3

Wow. ‘Hot c*m melts across your mouth’? That’s enough to sweep any girl off her feet. LOL I like the song, it’s cool. Call it ‘Hardcore’ or ‘Reasons’.

Answer #4

jlw82 your answers make me laugh :)

Answer #5

I agree with jlw82.

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