Need help to make thighs bigger!!!

Ok so im in middle school, about 5’8 and I weigh 100 pounds. I absolutally hate the way I am. I have a twin sister that is perfect.nice body.pretty face, just everything I hate going to the same school as her because I always get compared to her and I am thought as the skinny ugly one. I get made fun of about everyday I cry 3 times a week, if I dont, im really hurt inside and just keep it in. My friends are perfectly curvy and sister I feel dumb around them. I am constentlly embarresed. Never wanna go to school because I get made fun of and I feel like an idiot walkin around with twiglet legs. I am going into highschool next year and if my thighs and body is the same..well I would rather die. Please help me I need ways to make my thighs bigger And to top everything off, I had braces,glasses and I have bad skin. My life sucks.

Answer #1

Hey dont worry I have the same problem. I am in high school and my younger sister is bigger than me. I love to eat but I never gain, I wish I would but its just the way I am, but dont get worke dup over it I used to be but now really I dont care and as long as I dont people dont bother me about it

Answer #2

huh… your like my middle sister, she eats WAY more than me and she doesnt gain weight!, … im sorta jealous of the motabilism thng b/c I have a SUPER SLOW one..uhg!

but I thnk perro the herb acually slows down motabilisms :)

Answer #3

well I talk to my mom a lot, I just dont have self esteem I try but every day I see my perfect twin and just cant help comparing myself to her. I am sorry about your sister..that must have been hard.. I am going to the doctor next month. I eat like a 800 hundred pound man lol but nothing happens. I have a high metabolism and somethinhg called hyperthyroidism so pretty much I cant gain weight no matter how hard I try :(

Answer #4

oh.. well thanks for the advice. :)

Answer #5

I have the same problem! I have a twin and she has perfect curves and I have chicken legs! im in high school,9th grade. and its like the summer time , & im scared to wear shorts. I also eat like a 800 pound man too! since the 8th grade I gained 10 pounds and none of it went to my legs or arms!!! I hate my legs and arms. im 95 pounds and in the 9th grade, thats not good. I hate the way I look. I need to do something about it!

Answer #6

^^ marissa I have the same problem! lol

Answer #7

I have the same problems! all my friends have boyfriends and a lot of guys say im pretty, but im to skinny for them. I just want a guy that likes me for who I am and not what my body looks like?!?!?

Answer #8

well first STOP putting yourself DOWN?! why would you do that to yourself?!! your beautiful in your own way I bet you are very pretty, 2nd you need to take care of that skin issue go to the doctors and have them check it out I had horrid skin then they gave me this lotion and it worked like magic 3rd get cooler glasses if you think their dorky 4th eat some more, and don’t exersize that much if you want bigger thighs but some guys and most girls like all skin and bone… youll be suprised. but why bigger thighs thats never good just buy clothes that bring out any curves you have that will help like me its not hard to go to places that bring out your hips go to like cuban puerto rican Just basicly latin stores they make clothes to bring out curves if theirs any more questions just ask

oh and you have to make sure your hair is being done well too and don’t let it get to your head my oldest sister took her own life b/c of that stuff …sooo pls try to raise your self esteem some how :)

Answer #9

I went through the same thing when i was your age. In middle school i always used to get teased about how i was a stick , and twiggy. So many other names. Anywase , i just stuck it out . I tried everything. People told me oh just eat more, I ate 24/7 it didnt matter because i have a fast metabolism. So food went straight through me. I had a loooot of friends that were curvy and filled out . Even in high school , freshman year, sophtmore year i was still skinny as could be. Its not until just recently that i have started filling out and im a senior in highschool. Back in middle school and the early start of highschool i used to get really down on my self. Like, really deeply deppressed.I started breaking out , and sti To the point where i wouldnt want to go to school at all because it was so hard to deal with all the people. I started independant studies and had a much easier time. Now im going back

Answer #10

going back to school for my senior year. Its been really great so far. I just needed to learn to love my self and the way i was. Now im pretty confident with my body , even though id be happy to gain a couple more pounds. People always think that its stupid to be complaining about being to skinny but, its really weather your skinny or fat its just about being confident about who you are as a person.

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