Need a good excuse for missing school

Principal's Waiver
And I need a letter from my parent explaining the need.
What would be a good excuse to letting me get principal's waiver, That I would need to stay home for?

Oh and Principal's Waiver, is Were you get a half schedule your senior year and You only have four classes and then get to go home for the rest of the day =).

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just tell your parents the truth

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you should say that your family member passed and you needed suport or a friends who caress

What's my excuse for missing school?

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you should say that you have your family member passed away or a friends and needed suport

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My parents already know Im talking about telling the school.

and it can't be job Because that would be Co-op.

A good excuse to miss school?

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yoy should tell them that you were with the love of your life andd apperently you guys had a child so you went to the hopsital and got the childs immunization record card and you named him " PASHWASHHUMDOKHTASANAIM_PARAWALA_ROGIOB_MA_TARA_DOS_DARA"AM

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