A good excuse to miss school?

I did not ask this question to be spammed with "NO YOU ARE BAD PLEASE DON'T SKIP SCHOOL." Or anything of the sort. Do not ask me to not do this, as it is extremely important I skip a day on Monday, but I'm not sure what to say to convince my mom. I need to fake an illness or something.. I'm not sure what. Suggestions?
Please and thanks! <3

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be careful not to act to sick she might take you to the doctors and you will have to explain your self.

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Well, it might be inappropriate for us to help you fake a reason thereby helping to prevent your mom from adequately being able to be in charge of you.

Is it possible that you can sit down with your mother and have a serious talk where you can explain your need and reasons to her? Maybe there are alternatives that you haven't yet thought of.

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I know she won't take me there because, I've had a bad cold and fever lately, and she knows that I need rest. So that backs me up.

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Ethmer - No it's not possible. She's never home. She works late. It's important, and my reason is private, please understand this.. I fake sick before, there is no harm in it, its okay.

Eskimo2008 - Thankyou! I will probably fake my stomach hurting. I will tell her on the weekend I feel bad, then on Monday say it's worse.. I think she will believe me. I'll have Saturday and Sunday to act sick til Monday.

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I don't see how it relates to my question.
I wish for my reason to remain hidden, known by me only.
Please only reply if you have good suggestions.

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sunday night atart acting sick and like you dont feel gud and then monday morning just keep acting sick and say you dont feel up 2 going 2 school orrr you can post why u dont want to go and people can help find another way around it

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mono, migrane, period, sprained ankle, food poisoning... or fever but that one can be hard to pull off.
- run around your room 20 times, do AT LEAST 10 pushups without resting,do some crunches, do jumping jacks, do anything but be quiet, it'll make your face red and your head feel feverish, perfect for pulling off the flu, then act tired, the night before or better yet 2 days before you miss school tell your mom youre not feeling to great but act like it's nothing serious and just blow it off. tell her again before bed and the next morning tell her it's getting worse and you think it's from stress or something... if you have to fake cry do, and snuggle with whoever you're suckingup too it will convice them. I've been doing this for 4 years and it hasn't failed me yet... enjoy!

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well if your an girl, use the excuse of cramps or period pain...

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Thanks everyone who made suggestions.
I did not have to go to school today, and it saved me so much!

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You can try this website. www.wannaskipwork.com It's mostly for skipping work, and some excuses are a little out there, but the real excuses page has some that will work for anyone.

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Can you tell us WHY you need to skip school on Monday first?
Maybe theres another way around it

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you havent seen your sister or brother in the military for a long time and she or he just came home and she or he is really sick because of all the dust and the non american stuff!
now tricking your parents is another story just tell them you forgot that in school there was a really big all day test for the whole school but your teacher said you could take it early and not go to school for it just say you are off to school and ditch but remember the places your parents go after work and remember the times!

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