How to stop hair loss from anorexia?

I guess it's cause of my eating disorder.
don't tell me to eat etc...I do.
anyone got any idea how I can stop or reduce the hair loss?

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That's probably just the damage you can see - your body organs are just a wee bit important - Funmail me if you'd like some info on the Healthy way to lose - start the new year off right...I wish you the best !!

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You are starting to see some of the effects of anorexia, you realize that it's the anorexia that is causing it, and yet you refuse to even consider changing you life.

Just saying.

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shampoo that prevents hair loss...never heard of it!
do you know any brands?

yes i understand the get back to normal i have to recover from my ED.
i dread to think what my organs are like. :s

*did someone change the title of this thread?*

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someone changed the title of my thread!

i used to be anorexic, i'm now bulimic.
but yes i know it's that which causes it.
as an anorexic my hair fell out, but when i started to eat more...due to got a little better.
recently it's been getting bad again.
which i find strange seeings i do eat.

i am seeking help for my bulimia.
i'm on the highest dose of anti-depressant...which sometimes helps bulimia.
i used to see an eating disorder therapist 1x per wk, but that was stopped, cause you onlty get 16 sessions on the NHS.
i'm now being reffered to the commmunity mental health team.
i don;t know how long it will take to get to see them.
so as oyu can see i am not refusing help at all.

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well, you basically answered your own question but...healthy eating, getting a good nights sleep, and exercise should help. Keep your body healthy and you keep your hair.

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don't starve yourself. eat (healthy) regularly &+ your hair should stay...

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i tried to google that, but couldn't find it.

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RO-GAIN is a brand...also they sale supplements for hair, skin and nails its found near vitaimins.

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Try using shampoo that prevent hair loss.

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If you miss the old Nioxin tablets, try using Reloxe from they have the tablets, they offer improved effects and is a lot cheaper.

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It can take a couple of months at a stable, healthy weight for your hair to regain the thickness it had before malnutrition kicked in.

Other hormonal changes may be taking place that will affect your hair due to your age, so it's hard to say if it will grow back to it's full thickness.

Also, when it has grown back, it can look very thick and full but still be coming out in clumps.

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