My girlfriend is suicidal, for real. I dont want to screw up, what

This is serious. I can tell if she is serious or not. I am in bad shape right now and do not want to type a lot. THe bottom line is, we both REALLY love eachother, Im always there for her, she knows that, she knows how much I care for her, I tell her positive things, things I actually mean, all the time. I tell her how special she is 1000 different ways. The problem is, she physically can’t help how she feels (or mentally). She knows she shouldnt but she cant help it. I made her promise me she wouldn’t do anything stupid, I had her in tears, both of us were in tears, and she doesnt know if she can keep the promise. She told me she can’t see herself getting out of highschool. I know this sounds like the average teen thing. I am a very practical guy with very practical advice, I help a lot of people, I know things change after highschool and that you shouldnt worry about your future, I tell her these things in-depth all the time.

I dont want to make a big deal out of this and tell everybody and get everybody worked up, but I also don’t want this to go un-said for too long. She told me she needed therapy, and that takes a lot to admit. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to mess up.

Answer #1

Hey, my name is Laura i am 17 years old. I have the same problems. I have been in a rehab before, and i didn’t like it so i had to lie to get myself out. I didn’t know what to do. I have a boyfriend that I love very much, and he doesn’t know about my problems until yesterday me and him got into a fight at school and my best friend tara came into the bathroom and saw me doing something that i shouldn’t have been doing I think that it is totally wrong to do, but i can’t help it. I have tried to do so many things to stop myself, but i can’t. She went and talked to him and basically told him that she is like my sister and she loves me to death, and if he does anything to hurt me again that she was going to kick his but, anyway she said that she walked in and saw me doing something that she didn’t like and told him that how much I love him and that he meant the world to me and that he didn’t know what was going on in my life already. I just found out that he has a kid and he didn’t even tell me. It hurt and I don’t think he thought it would. I have so much crap in my life. My dad died when I was 3 and my mother and her boyfriend sexually assualted me and my three sisters, and my or brothers watch, it just that people don’t know what I have been through and I can’t really talk about it, so maybe it is the same with your girlfriend as well. Maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it. There are lots of reasons why she is doing what she did and that is why she is probably scared to go some place, because from advice it is very hard to tell people what is wrong with you. The only reason why i am saying all of this on here is because i will probably never see anyone who reads this. Well at least i hope not. Anyway, trust me, maybe you should sit down and have a long talk about what is going on with her, and maybe you can help her with some of her problems. Anyway sorry this is so long. GOOD LUCK!!!

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Can anybody add me to MSN and help me out a bit more. I have a conversation I want to share, between me and her. A very bad one, and a very good one, 2 nights in a row. I need alot of help. Somebody, please help me.

Answer #3

I know how you feel. You say you are constantly saying positive things and letting her know how special she is, and if she is still suicidal there is something wrong. She definitly needs a therapist and i think it may be in her best interst to tell her parents, but thats ur decission. Good luck sweetie

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ok u got to get her to see a therapist. there is something wrong with her. tell her family if they don’t know wat’s happenning already and don’t forget to remind her how much u and her family love her.

Answer #5

I thought that was the best to do. I think Im going to take her without telling her parents. DO i take her to the hospital? And trust me, I tell her how much I care about her as much as I can, and the difference is, I actually mean it.

Answer #6

Hun, I’ll add you to AIM if you have it. What I believe her issue is is really a chemical imbalance of some sort caused by a psychological repression of some sort. I’m no psychologist yet (I’m a junior in college studying psychology lol) but I can DEF trell you PERSONAL experience that you DO NOT need to take her to any therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who is going to give her any sort of medication. That freaking crap will mess her up really badly and will send her flying WAAAAAY over the edge. It’s happened to too many of my close friends and family members.

Answer #7

Supporting them is all you can do. They see suicide as a fix to a problem. They can’t see past the problem logically. The thoughts are so clouded and mixed up that what others see as either a temporary problem or at least can see other ways to solve or get past the issue, they believe in only one way out. Possibly finding the issue at hand and offering logical ways to get past the problem might help.

Answer #8

my girlfriend has the same problem and I dont know what to do cause I tried everything, calls for emergency dont work for her, I ask her why she wants to suicide,and she says that she feels bad every day, I ask her why, she says life doesnt make sense. I tell her not to suicide and how much I care about her and what does she want me to do, and I tell her how much I love her. she says theres nothing to make her happy and she asks me if I want to see her feelling bad every day. I dont really know what to do please help me im sad…

Answer #9

same thing is happening to me… I want to know whats wrong with my girlfriend she says she feels bad everyday, and wants to commit suicide, I ask why and she says life doesnt make sense, and I tell her hoow much I care about her and how much I love her, and she ask me if I want to see her feeling bad everyday, I tried all I could and calls to emergency dont work, what should I do? I dont want to see her like that or dead :( please help me…

Answer #10

Suicide is not a distinct disorder. Rather, it is a symptom of serious mental disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder. If supporting her is not so effective, you may need to seek someone who specializes in that field. Getting over suicide is not an easy thing. The funky doctor, medication can through people over the edge, but there is meaning to it. Otherwise, their psychologist wouldn’t put them on the medication.

Laura, you need to go back into rehab. Rehab is not something you are supposed to “like.” It’s there to help with problems. Realizing you have a problem is a big step towards improvement. Seeking for help and following through is the next.

Answer #11

Im in the same exact position only im 23 and my girlfriend is 17 im a Marine and did two tours in Iraq and when I came back wanted to kill myself from depression but then I met this girl and weve fallin madly in love. She has a history odf drug abuse and rehab and shes been clean for over 3 years. Were planning on moving in together in July. Recently starting with the day after new years she went into a depression and started talking about suicide, but she got better for awhile now 4 weeks later the same thing happened again. And its bad because where in a long distance relationship, but she wont go to therapy because she says its to much money.Im so scared of losing her but I told if if she goes then so do I because I cant exist in a world without her in it. please God someone help us.

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