My female cat sprays over the little box

Hi I need help, I got a 14 year old femail cat that goes to the litter box and sprays out over, she don't sit down and pee! I and very sick of clean up her mess and i would like someone to tell me what to do? She is only a small cat but she can spray pretty far, i am at the end of my rope.

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I agree...a covered litterbox and tape a piece of plastic to the opening to make a flap, and all the pee will stay inside. Remember to clean it daily so she doesn't decide to forgo the litterbox altogether!

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Well, she's 14 years old (she still looks beautiful).

You have to consider that she's coming to the end of her life, and like old folks, they can get pretty cranky and like to do things their own way. And since they are older they feel entitled to it.

She's just doing the easiest thing that she can right now.

Try to get a LARGE litter box with taller sides so she's forced to go completely in there to do her stuff. Alternatively, you can invest in a covered litterbox at this point.

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