How can I get my dog to stop biting me?

How to I get my dog to stop biting me? I play with her all the time, do you think that’s the problem? and If you bite your dog on the ear will they listen to you?

Answer #1

my puppy bites to. she is in training school and the trainer says to tell the ahahah easy. sometimes just hit them lightly on the nose

Answer #2

Don’t slap a dog, it’s not…well, it’s just not “dog like”…yelling OUCH can work…say No, sharply, and walk away…end the game…My dog hated that and learned when he got too rough, I wouldn’t play. If you’re letting him mouth you in play…

then YES…you’re promoting his biting… so buy a frisbee or some tennis balls, and play a different way with him.


Answer #3

Alright now I know this is going to sound a bit strange but this is what I did. They have that safe no biting stuff at the stores so go and get some of that. When you go to play with your dog do the following. Next squirt a LITTLE on your hands then rub it on your arms like lotion. They won’t like the taste so they quit. It doesn’t harm them but it does deter the behavior. It worked on both my dogs especially when they started chewing wires. Or if your dog is just rambuctious you can try wrapping a towel around your arm to cushion the blow for you. Good luck.

Answer #4

a firm “OUCH” and then if you yelp and say ‘no bite’ will correct this problem. Do NOT rough play with your puppy, they do not understand this.

Answer #5

MY dog use to do that to me also. here is how to stop the dog from biting you. yes I play with mine to and she use to bite. When the dog bites you do one of two things, first of all take your hand away and say NO BITE. every time it bites so that. Another thing to do it when the dog bites let out a loud yip and whine like you are hurt this will surprise your dog and will concern him. These things worked for me.

Answer #6

Don’t hit them that is the number one rule. They will become scared of you and frightened. They won’t think so highly of you anymore. Just say in a deep and loud voice “No!” And if they try to keep playing with you ignore them. After while try again and repeat if they didn’t get the picture the first few times. OR go to a dog training class. I took my black lab to one. There was 38 dogs besides her, and in the end the dog that improved the most would win a meday and special treats and toys and guess what? My dog won first place! I was so proud of her! I would try one of these or both and see what happens. Good Luck!

Answer #7

it’s usually for puppies to bit but u should try training or when ever he does put your hand in a fist and say NO firmly dont hit the dog but put it in front of his face to know u mean buiness, do this b4 it becomes a habit.

Answer #8

With My Dog, When He Bites me,I Smack his nose and Yell NO in a bold voice. It works for me.

if your dog bites you excessively tho,to draw blood, Id COnsider dog school, or putting him down.

Answer #9

First Of All You Watch To Much TV lol never bite your dog on the ear, first of all that is jsut gross, second of all it will make them trust u less, first how old is the dog because it might be teething kinda like a kid and if not then it does that because it either doesnt get enough attention or he wasnt taught well.

Answer #10

Watch the show Dog Whisperer. He’s helped us with our dogs before, he is really a genuis with dogs. He also has several TV episodes for dogs with biting problems.. and actually.. most of the episodes are composed of that problem haha. Watch it!! Guarantee you it’ll help.

Answer #11

get a news paper and hit the dog…thats how i trained my doggy. LOL its true tho, when the dog bite hard, u hit em. im not a doggy abuser. lol i LOVE dogs… u should try it. or biting its ear. LOL GOOD LUCK!


Answer #12

Actually guys thats my dog and she’s just a puppy she’s abt 11 weeks old and why would i put her down thats crazy i love her to much and biting her on the ear actually helped so you should try it sometime she listens to me now

Answer #13

Most likely the biting behavior was not discouraged during her puppy years, and the rough housing you did with her then which allowed her to bite, has now continued into her adult years. Those big teeth hurt worse then puppy ones! An obedience class would be your best route, however there are ways to try and correct this behavior. NEVER use physical force or abuse to train or correct your dog. Biting your dog back isn’t going to do anything.

Answer #14

Believe this is one of the reasons we went to a dog psychologist. Our dog mouthed and snapped at people, especially kids. I say mouthed because he didn’t bite hard enough to break the skin.

Anyway, biting and mouthing are showing dominance. Your dog doesn’t know its place in the pack.

The first thing you have to do is to discourage mouthing. Every time your dog bites or mouths hold it’s mouth closed and say firmly NO! Another thing you have to do is lower your dog’s rank in your “pack” Don’ t let your dog on furniture. Any time you give your dog a treat or affection make your dog earn it by doing something. The something can be as simple as sitting but this is enough so that your dog is serving you instead of you serving your dog.

Answer #15

kick it!!!

Answer #16

if th dog want stop biting you then jst keep slapping it on th nose evry time it bites you. it workd wit my rottweilder when it was a pup. but don’t kill it cause if you slap 2 hard wit a pup you’ll kill it but if its older get a stick and when it bites you hit th stick of its nose and don’t worry it wont bite you eva again.

Answer #17

no they won’t I tried it… gross I knw but I had to find out for myself. Ok this is how I’ve trained all 6 of my dogs not to bite. Whenever they bite to hard even if it’s an accident grab their nose and put your thumb inside their mouth and put a little pressure at the top of their mouths. It’s totally painless but it bugs them to death and they get all wierded out, I hate hurting animals so this works best. after a week or two they just learn to ‘play’ bite.

Answer #18

the best thing to do is when they try to bite you put your hand in a fist because they will have nothing to bite.

Answer #19

well to get them to stop you have to show them who is boss. when they bite pointat them andsay no bad dog! if that doesnt work dont hit it pat its butt. let me no how this worls out

Answer #20

Or… just put him down…

Answer #21

Puppies bite as part of their play rituals and to exert dominance over their siblings . Also , puppies are still teething at the age of 11 weeks so until all the second teeth have erupted and the puppy teeth are lost, their mouths get rather sensitive and the gums get itchy and sore . This is why puppies chew a lot.

When a puppy bites , you should firmly discipline it with vocal commands but never , ever hit the puppy with anything as this will incite bting not correct it. Holding the mouth closed gently and saying “no” in a firm manner is all that is needed. If the puppy continues to get excited and bite during play, it’s best to ignore him and give him time out until he’s calmed down . Having a dog cage is a good idea as it gives a puppy a safe place of it’s own to sleep in and also it’s a place where you can put the puppy when it gets over excited which is when usually biting occurs. Don’t allow kids to wind the puppy up and don’t encourage play biting as this will go on into adult hood .

The good news is that if you lay down the rules when the dog is very young, you won’t get anti-social behaviour later on . If you allow the puppy to grow up into a large and powerful dog without disciplining him at this stage thats when disaster strikes. Remember that you are the pack leader and enforce the rules fairly but firmly. Ear biting only works if you are establishing domiance in a pack situation with lots of dogs but unless you have a pack of wolves or african wild dogs it’s not of any use whatsoever in a domestic situation. If you can’t get this right yourself, call in a dog trainer but not one that advocates anything other than the methods detailed above.

Answer #22

Dogs think that biting is fun play, and don’t understand why you’re offended. They are also testing you , to see what they can get away with, and how hard they can bite before you get mad. Ever see puppies play together? They joyfully bite and roll about. Adult dogs bite each other much less in play…demanding more respect. To stop biting, do what mom dog would do. Moms allow biting when babies are very young to build their confidence, plus they know when puppies are very young, say under 8 weeks, they can’t learn yet, because their brains aren’t developed enough. When puppy bites or jumps up on you, and you don’t like it. Make a soft yelping ow sound, say NO, Turn your back on the puppy and stop the attention, affection , and play. Pup will very soon find out , that biting stops the fun…and that he’s no longer considered a baby to be tolerated. If he continues, or is very rough, growl at him, and grab him by the scruff of the neck, pinching a bit, and put him on the ground and hold him down, then say no. Then let go and turn your back. Just like mom would . This is dog communication in a way dogs understand. Biting or slapping a dog, could result in a very bad bite someday when dog feels braver…probably in someone’s face. Treating your dog with love and respect, and communication they understand works best in the long run.

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