My dad hates me

I want shelves in my room I told my dad but he yell at me and said no you are going to put girly things on it. I said no. ( this is what killed me on the inside) he said go and play sports and get a tropy then I will put shelves in your room!! He knows I hate sports and cant play. What should I do I am only 13 and about to be an 8th grader??

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Your dad doesnt hate you. He just wants you to be something you're not. And there is nothing wrong with who you are, so dont ever let him make you feel bad about it. This is his problem and his complex. He's trying fulfill something through you, maybe he never achieved the whole sports thing, so he wants you to. Or maybe he's in competition with someone, or everyone. Either way, this is his insecurity. I know we all want unconditional love from our parents, and wish our parents would love us however we were. But sometimes unconditional love is hard to get. He still loves you in his own way. He's just being an idiot over his own insecurities. Try not to let it get to you (I know, easier said than done). You have your own talents and achievements, and they may not look anything like his, but it doesnt make them less important, or you any less valuable. Dont worry about your dad. He's got his own issues, just remind yourself of that when he's being completely irrational.

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Well, I don't think I'd take rawrgrrl's advice...that might get you into real doo doo.

Tell him you're going to put books on the shelves...then do so for a time passes he'll forget all about the shelves, and you can put whatever you want on them.


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Yah he does sound sort of mean but he might have been having a bad day. If he does this every day then maybe he just is not good with younger people. If he is not used to being around you then im sure he would but I bet he loves you still.

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He is clearly an idiot. There is not point in arguing with this man. He seems very selfish. Just ignore him and do not ask him for anything ever. He gets a power trip from saying no to you.
Something that may piss him off, but also show him that you do not give a damn about his stupidity is to put your own shelves up when he is out one day. Does even ever come into your room? If not, go ahead, shelves are not hard to put up. Good luck.

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Just because they disagree with things doesn't make his dad an idiot or stupid.
Talk to your dad. (If you haven't already)
Tell him that you were offended by what he said, and although you aren't into sports, you would like for him to support whatever interests you have.
You could have caught him at a bad time, or you guys aren't communicating very well.
Hope it goes well.

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