Why does my cat react weird to the smell of human blood?

The other day I cut my leg on a piece of wood outside and when I came in to clean it up my cat took one wiff of my leg and started breathing through her mouth. She opens her mouth and her eyes go really big and she doesnt breath out of her nose; she breathes out of her mouth...its freaky! Do you know why shes doing this??

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well at the moment she smelled it, there wasnt anything because I was putting some rubbing alcohol on a cloth, but it wasnt hot either so thats why I was worried if maybe she liked the smell of it or something because I heard that once dogs taste human blood they wont be able to stop and might nip and bite every so often...

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What were you using on your leg? Cats usually don't like strong smells or sour ones like oranges. I tried feeding an orange to my cat once and it hissed at me. Cat's do pant though so if it was a hot day maybe your cat was hot that day? I don't know I'm just giving you some options. I hope they help a little.

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its hard to think but your cat mite be thinkin that it tast good bu8t im not really sure

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Cats open there mouths sometimes to absorb different and new smells through their toungues. She was probably just curious!

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