My boyfriend wants to finger me.

my boyfriend wants to finger me and I want him to. we are both totally ready but I'm really self concious about my body. I want him to finger me but I dont want him to see me with my pants off. and I dont want to bleed when he does it because that would be really embarrasing. what do I do? and what do I do while he is fingering me? do we make out? and I would also be very embarraed to have an orgasm right in front of him!! help me pleasseee.

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I know how you feel. Im 15, and I still worry I have an ungly vagina or something, lol. I also have stretch marks. But dont worry, he will just be happy you let him down there.

And there is no rule about what to do when he is fingering you, you can make out or not. You shouldnt bleed unless your on your period, in that case I refuse to let my boyfriend near me. And if you have an orgasm in front of him, thats not embarrasing at all. He will feel so proud of himself for making you feel that good.

If you think your ready, then good luck!!

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Just let him get in there, it will be a little uncomfortable and you wont bleed unless he does it really hard I was broke in that way by my ex boyfriend but it didnt hurt, it's all a part of life and of course you will be nervous, he will be nervous too so the two of ye should just relax and have some fun. after a few times you wont be afraid you'll want him to do it more and more.


Should I let my boyfriend finger me?
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wait. then do you... shave that part? when your boyfriend finger you?

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ok some of these answers are flat out ridiculous thats a load of bull telling someone you dont know that if they dont know what to do when someone fingers them they arent ready and its important for you to be ready but you learn what to do by practice truthfully some people are just shy about their body but ill give you guys some advice trust your partner before you let them finger you its much better with that bond otherwise your muscles will tighten and it will be uncomfortable its just the same with sex if you are uncomfortable with your partner it will hurt your first time just get into the mood but if your younger than 15 I suggest you wait to do any fingering or lovemaking lol give yourself some time to be a kid instead of letting your body control you when you get older youll have more self control so it becomes more enjoyable hope I helped

-love Cyn ;)

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Heey. I have a boyfriend and im 13 and he always fingers me when we are toegther alon.

It was my first time and I was very scared of him looking at me with no pants on but then as soon as he dose it I feel more happy and he doesnt care as long as im happy.

What I am trying to say is that if you loves you sooo much then he woudnt care how you look like with out your pants off or on even!

and all you need to do is just to show him he is doing a great job and don't forget to tell him when to stop when you want him to, you get more respect saying stop then letting him do his thing when you are getting uncomfertable.

When it was my first time I tried not to look what he is doing because then you get uncomfertable so lay down and relax and try and have a good time.

It doesnt matter how you look it metters if your his girlfriend and that he loves you dearly.

I hope this helps :)

My boyfriend wants to finger me, should I ?
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Hey. I am 15 and have been dating my boyrifrnd for almost 6 months now. I was nervous my first time but it wasn't that bad. If you really don't want him to see you orgasm then I personally dont think that you are ready. your boyfriend should love you no matter what. But if you really want to try it... make sure that you two are alone in the room and dim the lights or turn them all off.

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I agree with summerbabyy.
honstly, if youre asking questions like "what do I do while he's fingering me" and saying that you would be embarrassed to have an orgasm in front of him, youre not ready to be messing around with anything sexual.
I waited until I was 17 years old to lose my virginity, and a year and a half later, im still with the same guy. you should really be comfortable with yourself and your body before you think about sex.

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obvioulsy if you dont know what to do while hes fingering you...
then you dont need to do it.
and if your embarassed about your body,
then your not ready.
dont say your ready just because you know he is.

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Well I was 15 when I first got fingered.. but mine was in the dark, I was scared just like you.. I was embarrased for him to see me naked. but anyway, he did it and we did makeout a little but its kinda hard to makeout while getting fingered because it feels so good that you cant even makeout lol.. anyways you should try it..

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you dont need to take your clothes off...
get him to lay on the floor, bed,sofa wherever and lay on top of him but like not facing him... he can put his hand down your pants that way but have your legs kind of on either side of his legs? but make sure you are both comfortable..
=) x

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It sounds like you have to talk to him about this. Truly the only way you are going to feel comfortable is if you explain to him beforehand what you are feeling. He probably has the same feelings too. Guys also get self conscious!

Talking about this stuff can help you feel more relaxed and creates trust in the relationship. I think that before doing anything sexual you should both get used to being naked and touching each others body. I find it a lot more intense to let him penetrate you with his fingers and possibly break your hymen then to just cuddle and be naked together. Both of you need to take the time to learn about your bodies and build trust before going any further.

You must know that if he fingers you, he can break your hymen and make you bleed. This can be a bit painful. Also, if you are asking all these questions it's that you might not be as ready as you think you are. Sharing sexual experiences together and having orgasms shouldn't be embarrassing but pleasurable. It should be something you do with love and not with fear. Get informed and take your time to talk about all this stuff with him.

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