Do i have a gland disorder making me need to eat?

I think I have a gland disorder, for some reason my body's utmost desire is to consume food 24/7 I've woken up in the middle of the night out of hunger. I don't even gain a an ounce. I ate 3 big mac's THREE and still wanted more and yet im a twig this is really scary becouse im still so young it could effect my development.

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You'll be just fine - enjoy it while you can - they'll come a day when you just look at that 'Big Mac' and the scale numbers will go up !!

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There could very well be a disorder. There is some sort of disorder where the brain or something doesn't tell you when to stop eating or whatever. If you're really that worried than tell your parents, and discuss this matter. Then if they agree its something serious then you can contact a doctor. But it could also be you have a high matabalism and won't gain a lot of weight, but still be very hungry at times. I wouldnt worry TOO much but 3 big macs is a lot, lol. =] just dont stress and try to relax !!

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Dear the_anti_prep,
There could be a few disorders involved so you really need to see a doctor. When one eats such high fatty meals and not gain weight there can be some concerns. Always being hungry can signal an imbalance of the system and a doctor can run some test.
Sue...good luck

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my friend is like that but me I gain weight every second I give you advice eat all you want and if I was like you I would be glad because if I eat something I gain millions and millions of weight.

p.s. you are so lucky

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