I listen to emo rock and screamo, is it bad?

Ok I have heard rock music is aginst god and all that. I listen to emo rock and screamo and all that good stuff…but I was just weondering if it is bad? I mean I still pray and all and I know this music can lead to depression bblabla but how bad is it?

oh and im just wondering is you dont go to church does it make god lvoe you less?

Answer #1

It’s simply a matter of opinion. :)

Some people are very close-minded, and only accept certain things. (Not to be offensive, but, for example, those parents who don’t allow their children to read/watch anything relating to magic, such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.) If you believe deep inside of you that what you’re listening to is wrong, then don’t do it. I, personally, listen to all of those and more, and I see nothing wrong with it. The ones that I have don’t have many degrading lyrics or such, and I enjoy listening to them. Even if they do have “bad” lyrics, such as curse words…well..so what? Who cares?It’s a word. It’s not going to damn you to Hell if you listen to such words or say them xD. God will love you no matter what. Even if you commit the worst crime in the world or something, he’ll still love you. That’s not going to change anything. BUT! If it is a horribly wrong crime (this wouldn’t be listening to music…) such as..assassanating someone, as long as you ask for forgiveness, and truly mean it, I think He will forgive you. The only people that go to Hell are those who intentionally do extremely wrong things and keep on doing those things without remorse. What you listen to is a personal choice, not one that God chose…so I really have absolutely no idea how some people find that a sin. Also, you don’t have to go to church. I don’t, but I still pray at home, and I know most of the bible stories and stuff. Church is simply a place where you can learn about Christianity. But you can do that at home, or not at all if want to. You can believe whatever the hell you want, that’s what makes religion so great :) But, it’s your music, no one elses. And it’s your choice. Don’t worry about what other people think, it’s your life, not theirs. :D

And sorry for rambling on there XD

Answer #2

I listen to emo rock and screamo music…there is nothing wrong with it.

Answer #3

Just ask yourself the question: Would the music I’m listening to be pleasing to Him ? - if you don’t attend church you won’t grow and it would not be pleasing Him - I’ve got to go to keep my closeness with Him and keep my batteries charged, so to speak…Take care !!

Answer #4

wait… is this a joke…? mcr is not satanic.

and who cares if the song says sh*t theres worse things they could say. that song is true. I like it a lot.

listen to real screamo and find out what messed up is.

Answer #5

How is it bad to enjoy a certain type of music? You shouldn’t have to be excluded by listening to a certain type of music. I’d hope so for the least.

Answer #6

No it doesn’t make GOD love you less and you got to stop listening to music with bad words in it!:)

Answer #7

When my daughter was young she was listening to music she knew was bad, an aparation came into her room. The music is a direct link to the artist, you are coming into agreement with what he is singing. so what do you want to listern to.

Answer #8

no it is not bad to listen to I am christian and listen to deathcore even

Answer #9

just listen to whatever you want to listen to. you cant control your interests. dont worry about what kind of image the music you listen to has, just listen to it and enjoy it

Answer #10

Emo songs are Satanic. My Chemical Romance is one. I mean, did you heared their song ,”Teenagers”? “They say all Teenagers scare the living _ out of me…” The blank has a bad word. And if you look on their eyes, its so black!

Answer #11

God loves you no matter what! Emo rock and Sceamo might be against god, but it depends on the words of the song. I use to listen to that, but I think it is just devil worshiping stuff. Just to be safe, so you can go to heaven, find music that you like that you know is not against god.

Answer #12

well, from what I know about religion, god loves you no matter what. so don’t worry about that. music is your personal choice, and if you like it and it makes you happy let NO ONE tell you that its ‘the devils music’ I mean, thats what parents said about the beatles and simon and garfunkle back in the day some people are intimidated by rock only because its different from what they listen to so they automatically call it evil and bad its ok to listen to what you like and still be religious dont let people tell you its bad, they are just scared of individuals

Answer #13

dont listen to those people. (except amblessed). it really makes a difference. think, is this music giving God praise? would God listen to this music. the beat, the rythym, the melody, the lyrics, the instruments, the people, it all matters. very much. it could mean life in heaven or life in hell. what you listen to WILL influence you. if youre listening to rock and emo or whatever. that emo spirit WILL influence you. that music about drugs, alcohol, it WILL influence you. please make wise decisions. go to lifespace.cc for more info.

Answer #14

Listen if the music is not bad as in swearing or sexual words or as in some Satanic form or instrucion to kill of hate?I don’t think God cares and you won’t go to hell for listening. But music as well as movies, TV and the Internet there is very bad things there that will cause you to forget God and his teachings and you will be going down the wrong road. the one the devil want you to be on. loud with a beat is okay other than it might harm yours ears just keep it clean and wholesome.

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