What is wrong with being emo or listening to ''emo'' music?

I listen to stuff,mostly like Breathe Carolina or A Skylit Drive,ect. Everyone calls me emo for that. I don’t cut myself and don’t sit in my room wishing I would die,im actually a really outgoing and friendly person. But yeah,I like a varity of music. Breathe carolina for example,they are sooo different then most music out there,but because they have some screamo in the songs and I listen and like them,I’m considered emo? What’s with that? People aren’t considered a cowboy because they listen to some country. I hate that people go and call me emo and make fun of me,it’s really annoying. Even if someone is emo,why are they so made fun of? They are just expressing themselves differently. We don’t know what they have gone through to make them ‘’emo’’ so what gives us the right to judge and make fun of them for whatever they do? If someone is sad all the time or cuts or whatever being emo is all about,why is it such a bad thing? Why does everyone make fun of people that aren’t like them? It drives me nuts. And it drives me nuts to be called somthing I’m not. I have emotions and I express them,I listen to hardcore music,so because of those things,I’m considered emo? What,have you never been sad or ever cried in your life? I’m useally a happy person,I just have different taste in music.

Answer #1

there’as actually nothing wrong with it but people think that the emo culture is a bad thing because some cut them selves and sometimes they’re sad they think that those who aren’t emo should never be that because they think that they would die that’s what a person told me I hate it

Answer #2

ohhh myyy gggawwwddd! okay listen up “people” a lot of you have made a really good point…about we need to just get along and such yea that makes sence. but who cares if we label are selves I mean im emo omg did I just label myself? did I really just go there? hmmm because I know who I am that means im a freak? how gay!

Answer #3

There is nothing wrong with either one of them. People like to stereo type because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Ask the next person who says something like that “why whats wrong with the way I am?” Just see what the outcome is.

Answer #4

There isn’t anything wrong with being who you are. Emo is just a stereotype. The thing with people is that they are very quick to judge others based solely on their looks, which is in fact a very wrong thing to do. As for cutting in relation to ‘’emo’’ you can’t exactly tie these two things together, cutting has to deal with depression and from what I know everyone not just ‘’emos’’ can in fact cut themselves. You just proven a very good point, the fact that people tie ‘’emos’’ generally cry and close out the world is once again another misinterpreted belief about ‘’emos’’.

Now to answer your question, people don’t like others that they stereotype as ‘’emo’’ mostly because they find it very uncommon and abnormal. In which case people don’t like things that they can’t understand (not everyone). Now you decide whether or not you like a person based on their personality, thats when you can say you like that certain person or not, not because of some silly stereotype.

One other reason why people don’t like ‘’emos’’ is because they think that silly stereotype can define a said persons personality. With that being said, they might have a very rude encounter with someone that is stereotyped as ‘’emo’’ and that made that said person think that everyone that looks like the person he argued with the same as him. Which is in fact wrong

Answer #5

Hun People are ingrante withc means lack of knowlage I love scremo music and I dress the part and made fun of as well fer beainf quote “emo” And I think its very stupid for others to judge just for the way we look or act bout its not wrong it is who you are .Be proud and just laugh in their faces and walk away that what I do and they think wow I messed up because I am not hurting them I’m just anoying xD Brii. :)

Answer #6

your rite! theres nothing rong withit…its just a different style of living…and getting made fun im sure does not make it easier for that person…people need to move on and stop putting others down to make themselves feel better…your rite! just don’t wry bout it

Answer #7

theres nothing wrong with it you dress and do what you please :) … I personally dont find it attractive and wouldnt chase a emo looking girl

Answer #8

there is nothing wrong, forget about what other people say about you or others, just be yourself and do what you like to do, its your life, your body, your decisions, your in control, dont let others control u. get them out of your life. and bring those who admire you closer.

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