Is screamo really that bad?

My mom says it sounds like the devil singing,my friends say I’m going emo and it’s demon music.

Answer #1

for all I know I dont care what people say about my choice of music. I listen to hardcore metal and screamo. my friends hate them and condemn it like mad. but hey, they dont choose your music right? choose your own music. don’t be driven by pressure or anything to listen to something you dislike.

Answer #2

ichibanarky isn’t being naggy about it. they are just stating their opinion… rap sucks but country is great! at least in my opinion it is

Answer #3

my mom says it’s devil music too but little does she know most of them are christian and etc… which is why it gets on my nerves when she says that. you can be “normal” and listen to it. emo is a stupid label that only some people like to use to get away with their self hatred and need for attention :]

Answer #4

well I don’t think it is evil but personally I don’t like it. I just like to hear what they are able to sing and you can’t with screamo music, cause well they are screaming. I just don’t think it is real music, I don’t know maybe if I really tried to listen to what they were saying I would like it.

Answer #5

Most of it is horrible!! the lyrics are terrible!! they say stuff that’s not really good to hear for anyone. I do listen to screamo and metal, but the type I listen to has meaningful words. they make it clear enough for you to understand but scream at the same time. I never would’ve given screamo another chance if I didn’t discover the kind I listen to now.

Answer #6

oh gosh screamo is one of my FAVORITE kinds of music!!!I think that…SOME of the screamo artist might be…kinda demonic…just because some of the songs and stuff are super angry and creepy…but if you listen to a certain bands…its AMAAAZING!!! :)

Answer #7

Not all of it! Check out A Current Affair ( acurrentaffair) they are christian screamo and are amazing also look up Emery (not sure of the url) anyways… They have clean lyrics but still have the sound. Hope I helped :D

Answer #8

screamo is not the (devils) music actually its my favorite kind of music and people shouldn’t judge you for what you listen to.

Answer #9

screamo is really fun to listen to. most don’t like it but I like it, but then again I have a very wide spectrum of music I listen to

Answer #10

while I don’t think it’s either demonic or emo, I really don’t get the point of it - it’s not music.

Answer #11

not my favourite sort of music - but I’ve got a few albums of it on my itunes.

it’s good to listen to when I’m stresed - dunno why lol

Answer #12

ichibanarky, you have no right to say its not music. you probly have never listened to it with lyrics, they actually have meaning, unlike the rap songs that talk about rape, sex, drugs, and murder.

Answer #13

Hey, I love screamo, and I’m not even that scene. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t given me any urges to drink kitten blood or go murder a teacher, so I’d say you’re safe. Of course, the band and lyrics play a part, too.

Answer #14

Personally I don’t see anything wrong woth screamo it’s just another form of the already many kinds of music in the world. I used to hate it, but now that I can comprehend the meaning of a song I know there is nothing bad with most of it. I have listened to almost every genre of music under the sun and have narrowed down what I personally enjoy, which differs from person to person and people will always criticize everything you do so just ignore it.

Answer #15

for all I know I dont care what people say about my choice of music. I listen to hardcore metal and screamo. my friends hate them and condemn it like mad. but hey, they dont choose your music right? choose your own music. don’t be driven by pressure or anything to listen to something you dislike.

Answer #16

Music can be incredibly deep, and most people don’t understand that. They hear the outward coating and label it and judge it. Don’t worry about. Formulate your own opinions about what your listening to, thats what most music is for. It’s art.

The only time I criticize music, or any art for that matter is when it’s shallow, when it’s made as a stamped product for the masses.

And personally I don’t like screamo. I’m a Tech-metal guy. The Faceless, Opeth, Meshuggah

Answer #17

I love screamo music Some people dont because it is rather loud, but thats what I love about it My mum think its just noise, but im the one listening to it, not her. so I dont care. Just enjoy the music you like. Dont listen to anyone else.

Answer #18

have your mom understand that music has nothng to do with the devil.

that is in the message..

it is what singer talk about during the song that makes it ethical or unethical… good or bad… chistian or devil…

but not the music…

if she want proof on what I’m telling you… tell she to look up Demon Hunter

they are heavy gurnge/screamo band which is christian…

flyleaf is also another one in some aspects

Answer #19

ok this is to everybody: music is music. screamo, metal, punk, grunge, pop, rap, rock, classical, funk, techno, etc. all genres are music whether we like it or not and we’re are lucky to have all these different styles. some people are pop, some are more heavy, some are a mixture. but we all experience music in our lives. we are all part of music. its art. it makes us live. it’s our comunication to nature. it represents everything in life that surrounds us. Music Is Life!

Answer #20

ichibanarky - - you are so rude. screamo has lyrics and words just like every other genre out there. only, some of us (not you obviously) take the time to listen below the surface and hear the meaning.

don’t worry about it. your mother probably just wants you to have a normal, teenage life, one which most likely didn’t include screamo music. but, trying out different things and discovering what you like and don’t like forms your character and personality. if your mother wants what’s best for you, she’ll let you try out things (within reason, naturally) and form your own unique personality, not just a plain carbon copy or cardboard cutout. eventually, if you realize you don’t like screamo, you’ll try out something different. im pretty sure no one on this planet has heard the devil sing. and, personally, screamo rocks!!

Answer #21

wtf screamo is the best kind of music,tell your mom to go f*ck herself.

Answer #22

Yeah I agree with alyssa619!

Answer #23

not at all. I love screamo music. they’re some really good bands out there!

Answer #24

Well they’re full of complete sht. Screamo ISN’T “devil music” or “evil” and it certainly doesn’t make you emo. I listen to screamo, metal, and stuff along those lines all the time. I tell people to shut the fck up and mind their own business if they say sh*t like that. Just ignore them, they’re not right. There’s NOTHING wrong with screamo. If you like it, keep listening to it.

Answer #25

Effing yeah it is good music , LOL . No it’s not “emo” . I know soo many preppy chics who listen to it now . I loove screamo . and it all depends on what genre of screamo you are listening to to . Liike mee ni like grindcore =D

Answer #26

screamo seriously isnt that bad. I’m a complete prep. always wearing bright like pink or blue. hollister abercrombie all that. but I love screamo. one of my best friends is in a band and is lead screamer. many adults find that screamo is like terrible and devil ish. but its just like our generation is used to it.

Answer #27

Lol ‘demon music’. Your mom says it sounds like the devil singing, has she heard the devil sing before? I’d be worried about her if I were you!

Screamo hey, back in my day we just labeled everything as ‘Metal’, much simpler I think.

Answer #28

screamo is a genre placed by man Yes it is music , some of the most talented musicians are in these types of bands, but you cannot label it as emo at all! period because once again it is music I think genres are very pointless, it is music, you may or may not agree with country I HATE COUNTRY but it is still talented music. I hate rap. its music just not much music besides beats. so you gotta ask yourself is this creative or not I say screamo music is amazing ! its some of the most honest lyrics you will ever hear ever!. they call it screamo I belive because they are screaming what they belive almost all screamo music is very deep. try underoath, or attack attack or sea the chariot great deep meanings you will not find that in rap or country period!

Answer #29

Listen to whatever the hell you want to and don’t bother paying any attention to the people that says Screamo sucks. Everone has their own personal opinion my mine just happens to be screamo isn’t bad at all.

If half the people took the time to realize it then they would see that there are actually good christian/screamo bands.

And yes, some have some pretty awful lyrics but if that is what you like then don’t let your mom hear it.

And most lyrics too screamo songs have really good points behind them.

Screamo isn’t bad, trust me, the only reason people say it’s bad anyways is becasue they judge a book by it’s cover(cheesy, I know).

But if that is what you like, then listen to them! Noone is stopping you. (:

Answer #30

It isn’t demonic in any way. Your mother probably still has sensitive ears.

If you want to really know whether or not what you’re listening to is appropriate, just look at the lyrics.

Oh, and do note that your mother probably has “sensitive ears”, kinda like the rest of the people who think screamo is “demonic”. Some people just can not associate screaming with the traditional way of singing. Some of us just don’t think screaming is very pleasant. (Especially if their mother screamed at them at a very young age. Traumatic indeed. :/)

Answer #31

nah its cool pure expression

isnt that what music is supposed to be?

Answer #32

hell no; screamo is the best :D

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Answer #34

I can’t stand screamo. Mind you I don’t mind screaming every now and then, but a whole song consisting entirely of “pig-squealing” and screaming is just too much for me, I personally think it’s stupid. Also, most of the screamo songs I’ve run into have absolutely ridiculous instrumentals. Yeah its hard shit to play, but harder doesn’t mean better. Especially when its got no rhythm and harmony. Im saying this with “Visions” by Abnormality in my mind.

To ME(personally) it’s not really music, but I can’t say its not music like its a fact, because in the end if its what moves/drives/entertains YOU(the individual) then that’s all that matters. Music is like art, you can’t grab it and say this is what it IS or ISN’T.

Answer #35

Yes, it is really that bad.

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