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Ok, so I just recently ended a relationship with another guy (of three) for the same reason of the last two. I didnt want to go futher than making out. Basically they wanted me to give them oral sex. Im not sure if its a trust issue that I have or if its that Im just nervous.
I mean, I only just turned 15, so I was 14 in those relationships, but am I just over reacting? Or is it natural for my age. Like, I feel like im still really young to do that, but all of my friends seem to be ok with it. I know people can tell me to wait until im comfortable, but I really dont feel like I ever will be! The relationships all only lasted a month, because that was a long as the boys could wait. How come I keep running into the same issue? And Im aware that if a boy respects me he would wait, but it just doesnt seem to work out that way. It just really makes me mad that boys all seem to be the same, after something sexual!

Answer #1

Its nOt right for a guч to pressure чou чou do it when your ready & they should respect that not being out or orda but they were probley init for the sex after 1 month , they should respect what you want & you done the right thing dumping them if you think your not ready & young then its up to you mind you I think 15 , 14 a very young age.




Answer #2

Hey juliexo91 - Nice advice however you should practice what you preach. I know who you are and your advice makes sense but we all know you do the opposite and are the aggressor in relationships with guys. Thats why I had to laugh at your comment “ you know that i just got out of that kind of a relationship so im telling you to not do it it complicates relationships so much”. It’s pretty much known around that all your relationships are very physical and sexual so all your relationships must be complicated lol.

Answer #3

lol, wow. Men are supposed to repect women! Not force them to do something they dont want to do! You would think it would be the opposite way around.

Answer #4

hahaha, he makes me laugh. I dont think that all boys think that way. At least, I waaas pretty sure until he said something.

Answer #5

you are too young for that, and I’m glad that you recognize it. there are too many slutty pre-teens in the world. you should be proud that you take pride in yourself to say “no.”

and if a guy pressures you, then it’s not right. if a guy cares enough, they’ll wait around. trust me, it’s not just a cliche that girls say to make themselves feel better. the right guy really will wait for the right moment!

Answer #6

You really should wait for sex. Sex is not worth it. I am going with nvofeasrn on this one. Safe sex. Boys needs to stop fooling around like that. Those boys better keep their pants zipped up. I wouldn’t go for what bigandripped said to you. There was a guy that almost done that to me. I really wasn’t ready. He said to me when will I ever be ready. I told him whenever I am ready I will be ready by then. I didn’t want to be pushed around like that. That was the end of it. I didn’t accepted that way too much. I do wish some guys would wait for sex. Us girls shouldn’t be pushed around like that. Sex is not about everything. Hope I helped.

Answer #7

You are right to think that you are too young for this….it may seem like forever, but just wait and you will find the kind of guy who loves you so much that his respect and love for you overpower his selfishness.

Answer #8

thats right i think we all know what game your trying to play here well its about to backfire..we’ll call the cops if you dont stop and we have you on 24/7 watch….so you might wanna slow up on all that hacking youve been doing..

Answer #9

you have no right to say anything to or about me so leave me alone…my life is my life and i dont need you in it? and pet nicknames..who do i have pet nicknames for? please i wouldnt use a nickname with anyone but my friends or a boyfriend and i dont have a boyfriend. also i havent hooked up with anyone since i broke up with my boyfriend so i think you can leave me alone about hooking up wit random guys

Answer #10

If by everyone you mean YOU… your wrong. No one else thinks that about her and neither should you. Obviously if you knew her, you wouldnt say that because then youd be lying… but of course we all know how good of a liar you are.

Answer #11

who the hell are you to tell me you know who i am. and my relationships really arent like that. if your trying to call me a slut its not true and your opinion about me really doesnt affect me at all. find someone else to bother

Answer #12

and P.S. nvofeasrn… yea, im the one she’s talking about. and i didnt stay with her. she lied. we had an on and off relationship until she opened up more. i come back, she the same, i go to other girls. but now after a long time, we are finally doing good. :-p

Answer #13

We may be young, but it doesnt mean that we dont know whats right and wrong. Like, I know plenty of guys that would wait, but I just havent found one I like yet.

Answer #14

hahaha, Im sorry, but that all sounds REALLY funny. Some boys dont seem to have that same mindset? Maybe…? I dont see why no one has given me that memo before. Isnt there any other way to keep them around?

Answer #15

Yeah, I date boys, not men, so are you saying that boys think that way too? Wow… lol reality check. So basically your saying that I HAVE to please them if I want to keep them around?

Answer #16

Well you kind of answered your own question. The guys were only willing to stick around a month before they insist you loose you give them oral sex or loose your virginity to them? Obviously they weren’t in the relationship for the same reasons you were. Don’t despair, you’ll find someone that’s wiling to wait untill you feel ready and has more then sex on their minds when they are with you.

Answer #17

Oh Yeah? Well everyone pretty much thinks you are a tease and a slut. All you do is hang with guys and always lead them on and get their hopes up only to hurt them in the end. All it is to you is a popularity contest and you act as if you have something to prove so you can brag to your “click” group of 2 faced friends, Also, everyone knows how loose you are with guys you go out and hook-up with and you even have pet nicknames lol. So don’t try and say you are an angel in relationships cause we all know you are far from it and have a reputation as a easy Y. Face the facts and try to do something about your reputation!

Answer #18

well, i too am a guy, and i actually have to agree with both sides. sweety, he is telling the truth. but not all guys are like that. some will wait. for a certain length of time and then get tired of waiting. but you should wait a little bit until you find someone who can wait more then the others. but make sure you have feelings for the person. but dont take too long. you never know if he would’ve stayed with you forever. so, just take in consideration both sides. and come to your own conclusion.

Answer #19

Your contradicting yourself! One second its “Your never going to keep a guy around without having sex with him.” And then the next “Dont worry”. Ohhh, and about posting it on a forum? Yeah… people ask how to kiss on these things i think Im in a better position than them. Not that its a problem that they ask that, Im just pointing it out. Dominate with what? Yeah, not all girls are like that. Thanks nvofeasrn I agree with you.

Answer #20

not all guys just want sex, jeez ur a freaking i dunno. but my guy isnt in just for sex, he waited till i was ready and we are still together, its cuz HE LOVES ME, all ur after is lust apparently, yes there are some guys that are like and no not all women what a dominant man, maybe in some areas but not all, go jack off jeez ya aint gotta have a women to have sex with, guys like u piss me off.

Answer #21

hey big and dripped your isnt all a relationship has to offer you need to see the bigger picture in life but you obviously think with your penis and thats not ok.. no girl likes a guy that only wants sex so get that through your head you asshole. and if you cant leave actual good comments that arent only about what your 23 year old ass wants from a girl then stop leaving comments altogether. you dont know how girls feel about that stuff obviously, and it means a lot more than just having sex so maybe you can think with your brain next time you comment

Answer #22

hey girl.. if your not ready to do that stuff then dont.. its not cool if guys want you to do that and you know that i just got out of that kind of a relationship so im telling you to not do it it complicates relationships so much, and if a guy cant wait or breaks up with you because you wont give oral sex then he obviously wasnt worth it.

Answer #23

well, i used to be like that to. i thought giving a blow job was sick and i thought i was never gonna have sex cuz i didnt think ill ever be ready. but i found the guy and he waited a long time till i was comfortable. i met him in october 2004 and lost my virginity in jan 2006 to him and fianlly gave him head in like march. so when u find somebody that isnt in it for just sex they will wait untill your ready, or maybe your not 100% comfortable around those guys.

Answer #24

Wow that was kinda harsh. Never thought a boy would actually admit how low he is.

Answer #25

hahaha bf gf fight on my comments…lol… its all good you guys, it wasnt meant to hurt anyone, it was just trying to help me and i appreciate it! Thanks for your help!

Answer #26

weather or not i was “giving” him any he still kept coming back to me jeez

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