Do i just have to move on?

Ok I met this guy through a friend and I thought he was cute but nothing actually ever happened. Then I ran into him at my friend's party and we started talking and he drove me home, turns out he's in a long distance relationship...his girlfriend lives in another country. I guess I figured it was harmless, because how serious could it be if he only sees her twice a year, right?
About two months after we started having sex, I find out he's going to go visit her for a month and that they are getting engaged. So I decided to end it there and when he left for that month, he would call me 3 to 4 times a day and I wouldn't answer any of his calls. He called my friend and gave her this whole sob story about missing me so much, and how he's having a horrible time and yada yada. So she calls me and tells me and I like the dumbass that I am, I start answering his calls! and he would call me a lot! and would tell me how he was having a horrible time over there and that things werent going really well. BUT he still got engaged...anyway the point is when he came back he did everything to insure that I would continue my relationship with him. and I did for many reasons, but mostly because I really liked him and he was really good to me.

FAST FORWARD...its been 10 months now since we started..I thought I had it under control until I found out he was going to see her again, this time for 2 weeks instead and now I'm a freaking mess. I'm constantly crying and before he left I texted him and told him to stop calling me that I was tired of this mess...and he did. I have a week without hearing from him. I'm going crazy..and I got really drunk last nite and wrote him a message telling him how I feel...I so regret it! he hasnt read it yet and probably wont to he gets back but I can't un-send it! and I don't want him to read it. I wrote about how much I loved him and how I cant stop embarrassing...
I don't know what to do...or say...and the worst part is that I know I'm going to run into him again because my friend lives close to his parents, and they are really close, and he's always coming over to his parent's house and he comes to all the parties we throw and stuff. I dont know what to do! I am in love with him, and I know he loves me but I guess just not enough to leave her. And hes said that hes thought about leaving her but that he cant , because its just too complicated and hes already engaged and her family will be very upset if he just leaves her and that it'll break her heart if he leaves her. I never comment when he would talk about that, I never told him to leave her, and I didnt want him to think that those were my intentions...anyway what do I ?? what could I do?
guess I just have to move on...

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I think that if you really love him enough that next time you see him at a party or whatever that you will talk to him and tell him that you are fine with him going to see his wife because I mean if he only goes that much time in a year or whatever then that is not that bad and when he comes back you get him all to yourself. good luck!

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