What's your morning routine?

Mine is: Shower, Makeup, Hair, Outfit, Coffee.

Answer #1

Eating, outfit, makeup, hair, teeth, then medicine.

Answer #2

Wash my face and brush teeth (I never wake up early enough to have a shower in the morning for school :c), breakfast&tea, hair, make up, uniform, more tea, throw everything in my bag, brush teeth (again).

Answer #3

Teeth, hair, leave. More or less sometimes depending on my mood or if i want to take another shower in the morning.

Answer #4

And of coarse i get dressed at the last minute

Answer #5

(Shower night before), teeth,face,makeup,outfit,breakfast.’_’

Answer #6

Shower, hair, makeup, eating, clothes, teeth.

Answer #7

shower, putting mah swag on, examineing the swag, brushing my hair, then leaveing :PP

Answer #8

Roll out of bed, takes about half an hour.. Get in the shower, go down and have lunch because I wake up at about 1pm.. Then probably climb back into bed.. I don’t really have mornings xD!

Answer #9

are you trying to be funny?

Answer #10

Breakfast, shower, lotion body, brush teeth, makeup, hair, clothes on, organize my bag, leave.

Answer #11

Wake up at 4:30, brush my teeth, wash my face, put on my clothes, style hair, put on make up, eat breakfast, pack lunch, go on the computer, go to bus stop at 7:00

Answer #12

Eat, shower, makeup, cloths.

Answer #13

na just shortining the stuff into one word

Answer #14

well since i usually take a shower at night time, the first thing i do is, turn my straighteners on, brush my teeth ( if not eating) wash my face, do my makeup, put lotion deodorant baby powder perfume and clothes on then start doing my hair, get my bags together then im out the door :), the reason i do it in this order is because if the straighteners are on they have time to heat up while your doing everything else, and if you brush your teeth before you wash your face then you can get any toothpaste residue off, i do my makeup before hair, cuz if my hairs already done, it gets in the way, and falls over my face, sometimes i do my hair naked so i dont get stuff on my clothes LOL

Answer #15

Wake up,coffee,eating,hair,teeth,jeans&shirt,jam out door..makeup only on occasion if I’m going out..These days I stay in alot..

Answer #16

shower,contacts,get half dressed,eat, brush teeth, fully dressed, leave for school

Answer #17

shower, brush teeth, check self out as geting out of the shower, clothes, out

Answer #18

Coffee, before anything else can be attempted… then just get dressed, hair and makeup.. which all usually takes 5 mins cause it’s just for work.. then brush teethies and another coffee and out the door!

Answer #19

As there’s no school, I pretty much just roll out of bed, zombie-around for a bit, decide to eat something, take a shower and then just do whatever if there’s nothing in particular to get done that particular day C8

However… When school starts, it’s a whole different story:

(shower the night before) Wake up at 5:45, do something in that 15 minutes that wakes me up; probably stretch or fall back asleep in bed xD I might end up doing some random stretching on the floor, though, so I don’t..you know..pass out and sleep away the day. My alarm will go off again at 6, so then I’ll hobble out of my room and scrounge around for something small to eat, as food so early usually gives me a stomach ache. Go back into room, get dressed. Hobble back into the bathroom. Wash face, brush teeth. Leave straightener on while doing make-up. Do hair. Grab bag and walk out the door.

Answer #20

Wake up, shower, hair, dress, eat, teeth, out the door.!

Answer #21

First thing I do is give myself one more minute of sleep, just one more…wishing it could be hours more. I then lug myself out of bed, cold and depressed. I brush my teeth, raid my wardrobe, apply uneven makeup, grab a drink for school, put my shoes on and drive off to school.

Answer #22

Wake up, wash face, brush teeth, shower, find something to wear, hair/makeup, breakfast.

Answer #23

For the four days a week that I train, my routine is set up as follows: 8:00a-Wake up, take morning ATP pills to promote energy 8:10a-Make protein shake then brush teeth 8:30a-Put on gym clothes and plan my day 9:30a-Gym time 11a-Come home and drink post workout drink then eat breakfast 12n-Go to work 2p-Work 2a-Come home 8a-Repeat

Answer #24

7:00am wake up change into gym clothes and go on a run 7:30-8:00am do insanity 9:00am shower 9:15am brush teeth

Answer #25

sleeping , checking facebook , play my fav song while taking a shower , hair , eyeliner , shirt and a jeans > converse

Answer #26

My roomate wakes me up(thank god) and I take a quick shower, apply deoerant and head to work.

Answer #27

The morning routine I aspire to, with varying degrees of success: The moment I’m aware of being awake (or as soon as I remember), I say a one-line waking-up prayer of thanks to G!d for returning my breath/soul to me. Then, unless I’m trying to reconstruct the fragments of a partially remembered dream, I jump out of bed immediately to face the day with all the energy I can muster. I relieve myself in the bathroom, shower (not every day) and brush, dress, and take about three minutes to say a few more early-morning blessings for the miracles of a functioning body and mind and for fulfilling the mitzvah of learning Torah. Then I either make a sandwich for my wife to take to work for lunch, or skip that and go directly to “lay tefillin” http://funadvice.com/r/1688n1e6gop and say the main part of my meditative/devotional morning prayers, which takes anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes, depending how thorough I am that day. Right now, because it’s the month of Elul, I blow the shofar at the end: http://funadvice.com/r/1688n1e6ib3 Afterward, I have breakfast - usually light, because I’m a slow eater - after which I’m ready for my activities of the day. {=^)

Answer #28

-The thought “I could have sworn I just went to sleep! I’m going to go to bed an hour early tonight” crosses my mind. Knowing full well I won’t go to bed early -Exhale loudly and mumble an obscenity under my breath -Stay in bed for a few minutes staring at the curtains -Sit up for a few minutes and stare at the floor -Mumble more obscenities -Bathroom and wash face -Chill out in bed for a few more minutes -Realize I just wasted 20 minutes and I have 5 minutes before I have to leave -Dress, brush my teeth, find keys and wallet, grab something for lunch in 10 minutes, and rush out of the door -Usually I realize I never filled up my tank, so I cross my fingers there is enough gas in my tank to make it to work -Mumble obscenities all the way to work because I’m trying to get to work without being late, and other drivers are unaware of this -Get to work and remember how miserable being in a quarter life crisis is

Answer #29

shower night before, wake up(around 5:30(45), go pee, hair, makeup, get dressed, brush teeth, grab school stuff, walk to the busstop by 6:25.

Answer #30

I stare at the wall in deep thought for 20 minutes or more each day I wake up, school day or not. If someone disturbs me and doesn’t let me do this though, I get unbelievably pissy like you wouldn’t believe.

Right so i do that. Now if its a school day, I’d drink a glass if water, do my hair, makeup, put on clothes, maybe eat, listening to music the whole time. then im off.

On a regular day after my thinking i have a glass of water, and then i read or just kind of lounge about and listen to music and make tea. If im going somewhere i get ready though.

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