More poems that mean something?

Gotta find your inner strength
If you can’t then just throw life away. Gotta learn to rely on you. Beauty, strength and wisdom to. You’re beautiful inside and out. Lead a great life without a doubt. To meet a man to make things fair. It’s more than likely he won’t be there. Listen girl, you gotta know its true, In the end all you’ve got is you.

What can I do? To convince you it’s not true, To let you know that you will always be, With some part of me, My life is incomplete, Without you by my side, As I lay here tonight, Loosing all my pride, You’ve won yet again, Know that you’ve hurt me bad, As I loose my last thought, I bet you think its rad. To not know what I feel, When you think those mean thoughts, To sit there tonight, To not know that my wrists have come upon a clot. I had stopped just for you, But yet again, You do succeed, You’ve ripped away my love, My life, And my will to live. Just to live your own fantasy. I hurt inside, Knowing that you’ll move on, Know that tomorrow, I will be gone, So I take this opportunity now, To say my last goodbyes, Fk you mr. *, And i’m sorry you made me cry!!

You have no idea how much I loved you. And it all ends today, Because of the way, I look. You told me that you would love me always and forever. That bullshit zach, How about logway and never. You are a long way from my happiness. Knowing what you think hurts me, Yah I know i’m not some thug, But you don’t deserve me. There are many people out there, Who love and respect, The person I was unaware You hated. As you are reading this I hope you cry, And I hope you feel the pain I feel inside. It eats away at you for so long, And then you’re done, I can’t take it anymore. I just want to die, So come and catch me, And look me in the eye. Tell me you don’t want me to die, I double dog dare you, To follow me and see where I may lead you. You never know. If I jumped off a cliff right now, Where would you go? Would you follow? Call for help, Scream at the top of your lungs, Or run away, Pretending like nothing ever happened. I loved you like you where the one. But yet again. You’ve proven me wrong. Saying what you said, Is what i’ve heard all my life? “i don’t like fat people I only like skinnier people.” I hate it when you laugh, Or even when you smile, Because every time you do, You bring back those thoughts, Of what was and could’ve happened to us. I’m falling zach what are you going to do? Come save my life, Or let me die in pain because of you!

I’ve moved on to bigger and better things, To know that you are not a part of my life, Sitting here now, I wonder What you might be doing? Are you talking to your ex? Telling her about the stupid fat girl that you tricked into loving you? Or are you crying as much as I am? Zach I don’t think you fully understand, The pain I feel inside. It hurts me to even come upon a picture of you, And think, Wow, that what he could’ve been. I love you always and forever, And i’m sorry again, For anything i’ve ever done, I’ll call you up, Or maybe not even that. I’ll leave you alone, To have your space. I tried and tried and tried to stay alive, But now i’m gone!

Hey yall.. I was hurting obviously when I wrote all of these.. Sooo yup yup.. They are about someone… I’m not going to say.. But I think he knows who he is!!

Comment and let me know what all yall think!! :)

Answer #1

yah yah.. this is me on a good day lol hope to talk to you soon!!!

Answer #2

I think that would be a good song… it was good

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