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aw, I love sid, cute pic!
as to your question, I dunno get her to watch monster's inc, maybe she wont be as afraid of them?

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well, I dont think the monsters your thinking about is the ones that are real, but there are things that could be classified as a monster that is real.

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one time, a monster attacked my brother. well, he said it was a monster. he was in hospital for weeks. turns out it was a dog, but meh.

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Well it is actually not proven that there is or isn't so you never now. Its kinda like dinosaurs or animals because scientest said that some kindof animal wasn't alive any more and I guess it was still alive because they found some. (LOL) So you never know. SPOOKY

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dude what kind of a question is that of caurse monsters are real havent you ever watched monsters inc??? thats foolproof stuff right there eh?

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I think so. You are going to get so many ideas on this question. Depends on what kind of monster you are talking about. Monsters in movies...nah. Monsters under the bed, highly unlikely, but who knows for total sure. Ghost monsters, I completely believe so!!! They roam my home

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Hey, tell your little sister not to worry, my little sister went thru the same thing, I just reminded her that she has 8 older sibs to beat up any monsters

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there not not monster there jast thing that look diffrent 2 us

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Just convince her that monsters are the sweetest things and they always leave stinky presents behind!

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my sis is kinda scared of them and I just want to convince her they are not real

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Depends what you'd class as a monster lol

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no I've tested that and no hidden move ment at night and I have tec gear so tell your sis there not real

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