Can i model at 5'8'' and 140 lbs?

Right, be honest with me. I'm 140 lbs and 5'8" (Although I'm aiming to get down to 125 lbs).

My question is, can I model? I know 5'8" is basically the shortest you can be to model and I realise you have the be strictly size 4-8 (uk sizes). I'm size 8-10 and bra size 32C, when I lose the 15lbs will Ibe able to model? Can I model now?

Help much appreciated!!

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You can't fashion model because your too heavy but you can be a commercial or print model so look for agency's that specialize in that.

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Yes. You have to be 5'8" to start modeling.

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It doesnt matter how much you weigh.
Its how you carry yourself.

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course you can...just go for it!

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well I dont mean to be mean but your going to get rejected a lot. Im 5'8 1\2 and 114 lbs and some modleing agencies think Im too fat! But I successfully model. Iam not saying you are fat, but the modeling world will view you as being tooo big.. If you lose weight you could def get a high-fashion modeling job. You could model now tho. But if an agency decides to sign you and you are still 140lb the will tell you to lose weight. I know a girl that had this happen to her

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Yes, being skinny is a big deal, but it's about your measurements. Like most models, for example, are usually: 32-23-35(Bust, waist, and hips). The reason weight doesn't always matter, is because you have a lot of muscle, and that weighs 3 times as much as fat. Plus, even if you met these requirements, you have to have what the agency is looking for. For example, personality, the right attitude, and the specific look they are after. But, I believe that you get what you must strongly believe in, because whatever you believe in is what you will go after. There is a great quote that says: "Life is a mirror reflecting back at us what we believe about ourselves!" Go after your dream, and stay positive! IF you think positive, positive things will come your way!

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if you lose a littel bit of weigt you will be an awesome model your picture is beautiful go for I wanna be a model but I'm only 5'6 or 5'5

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