Can I model if I'm only 5'3''?

I want so badly to model… but it seems like everyone is looking for a 6 foot size 0 girl. I am about a size 7 but my body is very well proportioned, my genes have provided me with nice hips and a rather large chest for my frame I suppose. I want to be a model but it seems to me that the only market open to curvy women is in pornography, which is DEFINITELY not what im looking for. does anyone know anything about how I can get into the modeling industry??? I mean, I dont understand why it would be so hard for girls like me to get into it, the fact that I am here proves that girls like me exist and need an in when it comes to modeling… so what is it with the crazy height requirement???

Answer #1

am a model and am 5’1 yeahh am too short to do run way you have to be 5’8

to do run way to it depends what kind of modeling

but you can go on google search some modeling place around your house && some modeling places

don’t care abt looks && sizes :]]

hope I helped u


Answer #2

Reality is harsh, yes. Most American women is not 5’8 and above. They’re not all size 0’s. But they’re still very attractive! What is the message our country sending? You must diet all of the time and have fake boobs/butts? Who’s to say the “victoria’s secret models” are the IDEAL American woman anyway? These modeling companies can’t see pass the “barbie doll” figure. I’ve been told I should become a model but I’m too short.

Getting surgery on your legs is serious stuff. They seperate your bones month by month and let you bones connect. It will keep connecting as long as you keep pulling it apart. It’s crazy stuff. It’s scary and most of all, very very painful and in my opinion, NOT WORTH IT!

I think that the first modeling company who is smart enough to start hiring models who are the real American women will have an advantage. Everyone will look at the clothes like, “hey, she’s about my size and it looks really good on her. I have to get it”. Plus, some men prefer to have the curvier, shorter girls. Not all American men are taller than 6’ feet. Some men appreciate women who are fuller and curvier. I’m a size 0 but I hear men compliment thicker/curviershort women all the time!! I appreciate it when they do that!

Just accept yourself the way you are and enjoy life. Stop worrying about the things you can’t or shouldn’t change about yourself.

Answer #3

Yeah unfortunately you aren’t tall enough. So most places probley wont consider you. Its harsh, but its the truth. Most companies wont sign someone on unless they are at least 5”8. I know this girl getting surgery in her legs to get taller just because she wants to be a model so bad. How sad.

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Answer #5

well im definitely not about to go get surgery on my legs to make myself taller. that just sounds excrutiatingly painful and I doubt leg surgety would take me from 5’3 to 6 feet anyway… and if it did I imagine I would look pretty strange. anyway I dont want to change myself. and I already am pretty thin I think, im 5’3, a size 7 and I wear a 32 DD, but my waist and my stomach are very small so it should be easy enough to look tall in pictures… im just not sure where to get started modeling that wouldnt judge me too harshly for my height…

Answer #6

o and btw, the height requirement is because clothes fit better on long and slender bodies, making it look good in pics. Also you gain 10 lbs on the camera so being tall and slim will make you look great in the camera

Answer #7

um hold up yall most modeling careers END at 21. im 13 and im a model. and im 5’3. my runway instructor said that I had an excellent walk and I should keep going. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE 21 TO MODEL, OKAY?

Answer #8

Haha, I’m about 5’8 but there’s no way I’m a size 0… I wish!!! What guy LIKES that? Don’t giys like girls that EAT? Anyway… I’m trying to look past this stupid world of plastic surgery… It’s going to be hard though!


Answer #9

Lilmissthing17. We should go out, find a whole bunch of cute gals like us here and all contribute to get a magazine made! We can all model in our magazine! We’ll show the world that shorter gals can be just as sexy, beautiful, pretty, cute, ect… There are plenty of us out there. We’ll have fans… maybe too many…LOL.

I’m not really curvy like you. I’m more like the models who does the cat walks. Size 0 (naturally, no diets), small waist, good size behind, and not too much bust…I’m just a much shorter version!

You know what? Forget the whole “tall illusion” thing! I want the world to know my real height. I want to walk on that stage with no high heels. It takes a real women to stand with her head held high exactly the way she is with no shame. Ya never know, maybe after we come out with our modeling magazine, tall women might just go out to get surgery to make themselves shorter…LOL…

I know, sounds like just a dream I’m living in right? It’s ok to dream. Everything big started with just a little dream and immagination. Hope you had fun reading my thoughts!

Answer #10

your fine you can be short and be a model I would know I have a few friends who are models and a few go to my skool

Answer #11

well, how old are you? if you’re younger than 21 , then you can wait. if you stopped growing, then there are other ways to model too! I want to be a fashion and non-fashion print ad model since I cant do runway since im so short even though I can strut WAAY better than most of the chicks on top model lol.

Answer #12

you could do commercial, bikini, body part modeling etc. You are too short to be a runway or high fashion-print model. But don’t worry commercial, bikini, and body part models get paid a lot. And you can get your face out there by doing these :)

Answer #13

I started modeling when I was 4’11 however I was 11 at the time. it depends on what time of modeling you want yo do- runway: sorry too short…but picture magazines and stuff THEY WOULD CONSIDER YOU I mean there is always air brush and so many things they can do to make you look completely diferent

Answer #14

Start your own freaking magazine and find someone that designs clothes and model them your freaking self if no one wants to hire you. Then you can show the world how hot imperfect people are! Grrr. I hate when people only want perfect girls. It pisses me off.

Answer #15

You can easily become a fitness model. We have locations in Hawaii, Boulder,CO , Spokane, Seattle. Call for info 1-888-637-1648,

Answer #16

I really hope you do follow your dreams. I can’t wait to see your magazines. Magazine publishers will kick themselves for not doing it sooner. I’m sure I’ll be a big fan and there will be millions more. I wish only the best for you.

Take care.

Answer #17

I dont have a 7 waist, and I definitely dont qualify as plus sized lol. my WAIST is little. I just have wide hips, a bit of a butt, and bust. I think I will go check on some modeling classes. I love that starting a magazine idea too, I’ve thought about it before but it seems like that would take a good bit of money. I do have SOME money but I very much doubt it would be enough to make my own magazine with. maybe I could look into getting investors though… I need cohorts! lol

Answer #18

You dont have to be tall, just extremely thin, so that way you’ll look tall in your pictures. But you’ll never be able to do run way. I’m 5’3 and weigh a bit over 100 pounds and all the other females in my family are the same. I have a cousin who had a modeling contract for tommy hilfiger while attending high school and another who did commercial modeling in New York. She did that through go sees. The rest of us including me all have done pageants. You have to be supper thin like the tall models so that you can at least give the illusion of being tall.

Answer #19

lol, oh I definitely loved reading your thoughts lostwife! actually I have decided to start a magazine… it’s just going to take a bit of time. but the plan is: get a 2 year associates degree, work for a magazine long enough to figure out the business, and start makin my own. since im just 17 now, I should be able to get my magazine out way before I leave my prime. so hey, maybe im the one dreamin, lol. in the mean time im going to try doing some go sees. but if all goes well in a few years I’ll have a magazine to help short girls like us get into the picture without leg-breaking surgery and 3 inch heels.

Answer #20

that shortest model I have seen is 5’7” usually girls who are a little busty and have a slightly curvy waist are usually put in with “plus sized” models, but usually 7 is a pretty average waist and I think they look for girls who are a little bigger than that. The only way to know if you have what it takes to be a model is to take some modeling classes and some pictures and go see people to see if you can book a job or not. they will be able to tell you or not if you can model.

Answer #21

thanks you guys have been really helpful :)

Answer #22

let me know if you make it in the modeling business!!! good luck!!!

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