Is it possible to move things telepathically or with your mind?

Is it possible to move things telepathically or with your mind? if so please tell thats awesome.

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in the bible it says that we were made in gods image. god has powers and can do many things… I mean, he did make the earth. so I truly believe that each and everyone of us has the power in us to do anything. and that includes moving things with our minds. its not witchcraft. I also believe that over time, society has looked down upon that stuff so much that the power has faded away more and more with each generation. we just have to tap into it once more. its a very interesting thought. I think that everyone should keep their mind open about everything because these people who are saying you cant, how do you possibly know? are you “All-Knowing”? dont tell anyone they cant do something when you dont know yourself. just because you havent seen it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. I mean, air for example, if you didnt need to have it to survive, you would never know it is there because you cant see it. that doesnt mean you can go around and tell people that air is non-existent. get it? To those of you who are wondering if you can really move things with your mind, you should believe in yourself. you can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it. no pun intended =]

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I tried everything so far and spend over $40,000 on these things and researches… at the end all find is bunch of lies and fraud… these people make dvd’s audio cd and books just to make money. I have been trying this for the last 8 years. Then I met a good friend of mine who works on a tv show doing illusions and magic and he told me everything is a lie, deceive people that’s all. And then he ask me how much have spent so far and how much I’m will spend to find the truth. So I told him $40,000 what spent and what ever it takes more to find out the real truth. I had to spend another $10,000 now I have all the trick stuff that make people believe that everything I’m doing is with the power of mind, in-fact all the mechanical and physical stuff that I carry hidden and now I’m able to levitate my self 360 degree fully surrounded, moving water, light a bulb, walk on water and many more …


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Sure. My mind tells the glass to move and magically my arm reaches out and the glass somehow moves. WOW The so called ability to move things is called telekinesis. Telepathy is the so called ability to read a mind.

They NEVER have been shown to exist under controlled conditions. And if you think you have the ability, contact James Randy of the Randy Foundation. IF you can prove it, there is a MILLION DOLLARS waiting for you. Good Luck !!!

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well if anyone has ever looked in to it if you look at the humand race it is a proven fact that 95% of all people only use about it is ether a 1/8 or a 1/6 of your brain wich is about 20% there is a 10% of your brain that is always being use wich is for your heart and other body things so about 30% of you brain is bing used wich is very small. if you look at some of the worlds most smartest scientist like {Albert Einstein} I want to say he used a bout 75% of his brain thats why he is so smart dont get me wrong it took him a long time to do so but it is possible to use 100% of your mide wich if you are able to get that fare you may just be able to move a things with your mide and yes even possibley flote but I would not know but if you look at it there has not been anyone know to day to beable to use 100% of there minde but if there is no one is telling.

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Highly doubt it. I’m not really sure though.

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we only use a small percent of our brain, so if we ever unlock the rest of I, you never know what could be possable? I would like to be able to get stuff without movint :D

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Let’s try an experiment. 2 People are needed (Alfa & Beta). Alfa raises palms in the air and facing towards Beta. Alfa closes eyes, takes deep slow breath for a few seconds and Beta stares on right palm. If Alfa feels the gaze, he / she is energy sensitive and if not, then Alfa needs to improve his / her concentration. Beta can randomly move gaze over the either palm and check authenticity of receptiveness of Alfa. Mandip

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Maybe…I don’t know. And to the person who posted above me, that’s an interesting thought. I’m Christian, and I believe in God…just watch out, b/c your wording almost makes it sound like your comparing God Almighty to us humans. And yes, the word is “telekinesis”…but the newer(?) term “psychokinesis” might be more acurate, b/c it means “mind motion” when translated literally, as opposed to “distance motion” for telekinesis. I’d like to develop it myself if it’s real/not witchcraft. It would make life a LOT easier!

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Personally I think it is possible, like that girl on a document, she could stare at a body for 2 minutes and see inside them, so if you really use your mind then probably, but maybe only with some people.

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Sure it is every time you lift your arm to move something it’s running on the power of your mind. . . But Telepathically. . . . . . Hey I better practice. . . . and contact that Randy guy. . . .

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what you have said is very interesting and I for one would love to see this, I have tried this myself on various items but I’ve had no movement, and my concentration was strong, I do normally pick up on things like a presance that may be in a building or activity in old buildings so im mentally quite open but no I cant as yet make things move without me doing so myself, I would love to be able to do so, because from there I would chanel it evenmore powerfully,

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Sure. But I dont know anyone who can.

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some beieve it is. I don’t. I reallly doubt people can move things by thinking.

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yes it is possible because although iam a christian, I wanted to see if this coud happen. So I watched a video where a woman said ‘’where attention goes energy flows’’ so I picked up one of my earrings and I held it in the air very still I didnt move a muscle and I thought about the earring moving and more I thought about it it started to move really fast until my thought stopped it…I swear imnot lying it really happened just a hour ago before I wrote this.I sincerly beleive that God created this power in our minds so that we could amuse each other and ourselves.. I’ve never tried this before tonight but iam living proof that it works and iam shocked it happened twice tonight because I just couidnt believe what I was seeing and doing.

Answer #17

No evidence of telepathy or telekinesis exists.

Answer #18

Yes it is possible to move things with your mind. Most common situations where it occurs is when dealing with ghosts. Mainly Poltergiests. By believing that this ghost is real and moving things you can create Subconscious Telekinetic Energy. Searching ‘Telepathy’ and ‘Telekinesis’ and stuff like that will get you way more information than I’m giving you, haha. But I hope I helped a bit :)


Answer #19

yes you can but we haven’t develop that part of our brain that makes us move thing with our minds you have to have a gift that can kind of trigger that part of the brain

Answer #20

How can I consentrait?

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