Midnight sun release date

They said that “midnight sun” by stephanie meyer was going to be released in late may/early june As you can see it is early june and I would like to know when the book is to be released

Answer #1

The first chapter of ‘Midnight Sun’ is posted on Stephanie Meyer’s site - It’s REALLY GOOD. I’m all for team Edward so I’m totally stoked for the full release - =)

Answer #2

ok so I’ve read the first 12 chapters but that is it … someone said they’ve read the whole story online…BUT I CANT FIND IT ANYWARE…its so annoying…if anybody has the link to the website PLEASE share it ..its driving me CRAZY !!!

Answer #3

I can’t wait for the books… but could she possibly write an alternate ending… maybe with more action and more detailed about the honeymoon section:P hehe

Answer #4

we really like the series and look forward to the book coming out - whenever that is! I think she should write all four books from edwards point of view… but also she should write an alternate ending to breaking dawn! maybe with a bit of action at the end and some more detail when it comes to the honeymoon section!! :P hehe

she should write a book about jacob and renesmee too!!! xD

Answer #5

hi go to her website she said she is not releasing the book I emailed her pulisher in the hope the more people who ask for the book the more reason she has to finish it where did you read it would be out in may june

Answer #6

Stephanie is writing new moon in Jacobs point of view and its going to be called full moon I CANT WAIT :) :) :) :) I dont know when thought she is writing it NOW :D

Answer #7

the people who are saying that the book leaked are correct, however Stephanie said herself that Midnight Sun is a side project. She is very busy with the all the other important stuff and that when she gets a chance she will work on it and MIGHT release it.

Answer #8

Apparently she let somebody read it and they leaked somethings out. So Stephanie was realy angry about that so she decided not to publish the book. Maybe she changed her mind though.

Answer #9

I’ve searched loads on the internet for the release date. To begin with I thought that she wasn’t going to release it at all and that I’d have to be content with the first 12 chapters, but a while later it was confirmed on her website that she would be releasing it, just that she was giving it some time for everyone to forget about it (NOT VERY LIKELY, BUT ITS HER BOOK !).On all the other sites I’ve searched it always comes up with either January 2010, August 2010 or August 2012. Sorry this is so long winded.

Answer #10

I just finished reading the first 12 chapters. all I can say is AWSOME. that lady sure knows how to tell a story. I to hope she rewrites all 4 books from Edwards perspective.

Answer #11

2cool, where did you hear that steph is releasing it in august 2010?

Answer #12

it’s been confirmed on a radio show that it will be finished but only released online so it may never be available as a proper book.

Answer #13

Apparently she let somebody read it and they leaked somethings out. So Stephanie was realy angry about that so she decided not to publish the book. Maybe she changed her mind though.

Answer #14

good news and bad new the good news is that she is going to finish the book it suppose to be realease by late august 2010 the bad news is that we have to wait so fraking long hope is worth it plus I really want to see edward’s point of view

rock on twilight saga

Answer #15

Re-check her site. IT’S BEING RELEASED!!! When… I have no idea, but it is coming out. I however agree that we should all stop talking about it. I’m a writing too so I understand where she is coming from. I’d do the same if I were her.

Answer #16

How freaking rude thatunknowngirl. I guess people can talk about it if they want. There’s a lot of people that can’t wait. I am one of them!

Answer #17

I don’t think New Moon would be good in Edward’s perspective, all he does in that book is track Victoria unsuccessfully. I think it would be a lot better from Jacob’s perspective, Stephanie should consider that.

And “lovetoplay” that is very insensitive to say about Stephanie. Yes, she should finish it for her fans, but she was violated. That is her imaginative work and her gift to everyone, and it was not complete. She posted on her site that it was not edited, it was not how she wanted to get it out to her fans. She is a writer, just like an actor, they deliver themselves for their fans. I believe she will release it this year.

Answer #18

Stephanie Meyer gave manuscripts of ch.1-12 to 12 people and one person was paid to scan each page of the manuscript on the computer and internet. “Im to sad to continue writting right now” -paraphrase stephanie meyer. she says it will be released by the end of 2009 or he beginning of 2010

Answer #19

I am a big Twilight Saga fan but as everyone should see Stephanie is just letting the stardom get to her head. I think she’s just throwing a big temper tantrum to get attention. I understand why she feels violated but she’s just throwing things way out of perportion. Just forget about the series and it’ll eventually come out.

Answer #20

I don’t know about particular articles about the release date, but it said on her website that she wouldn’t start rewriting until she had not only finished Breaking Dawn, but other projects as well. I’m assuming it’s The Host, which she has finished. She did say that she will finish it, and it will get published, but there is no definate answer. I guess we all just have to be patient and wait for her to be done. I’ve also heard her say in a couple interviews that she has more information about the Cullen’s, so I’m also wondering if writing more about them has taken up some time. I think it would be awesome if there was another Twilight Saga book, but that might be some serious wishful thinking. Kind of like Harry Potter. People get so absorbed in this family’s life that we don’t ever want it to end. I don’t hink some authors understand that. Maybe they get sick of writing about a certain subject or character, but once fans read about them to the dept that we have been able to, we are always going to want to know more about their life and how it turns out. What makes this series really interesting is they are immortal, so the story, literaly, never has to stop. Personally, I’m extremely curious to know what happens with Renesmee and Jacob. What if they have kids? Would he stay immortal for her/them? I would think so. But I never guessed he would have imprinted on her to begin with, so maybe I would be surprised again. I suppose we will all just have to be patient and let write what she wants to write. I think if we give it time, we won’t be dissapointed.

Answer #21

I”ve seen on a lot of sites Aug 2010. Her website says she isn’t going to finish it… then I also read somewhere she is working on it now in her spare time… but haven’t seen an official release date anywhere.. :( read the first 12 chapters and it was FCKIN AWESOME!!! I hope she does all 4 books from his perspective.

Answer #22

O.K. I would really like to know where you all are getting your sources. Because I would like to read an article or something but I can’t find anything! Help please!!!

Answer #23

O.K. I would very much like to know where people are getting their sources. I would like to read an article or something. But I can’t find a single thing! Help please!!!

Answer #24

I heard that she might rel on Jan 20th but it was false and now im hearing aug 2010

Answer #25

I heard for a sales person in Barnes & Nobles that she IS releasing it…when I dont know… :(

Answer #26

Ok I heard shes going to finish the book in May on 2009 but Im getting frustrated as all heck waiting for the book I even ended up rereading the entire saga for the third time… can someone please get an exact date out for the rest of the fans!!!

Answer #27

I heard that it was going to be released in JANURAY of 2011

Answer #28

Sme stupid freak found out and it got leaked… SO she just posted it on her site, her’s the link:


Answer #29

I think that Stephanie Meyer decided to shelf that book because it’s chapters were posted illegally online… So I think we shouldn’t expect to see that book out anytime soon, or anytime at all…

Answer #30

STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! Shes gonna release it - when people have stopped talking about it for at least 2 years! She wants people to forget about it! SO SHUT THE HELL UP!

Answer #31

I heard that the midnight sun release was an april fools joke, the same as stephanie had committed suicide. I wouldn`t hold your breathe. sorry

Answer #32

it will be worth it i love the twilight saga!!!!! <3

Answer #33

yh were did you here that from

Answer #34

were did you here that from

Answer #35

Wait, seriously? Where did you hear this?!?!

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