stephanie meyer-midnight sun

when does that book come out???

Answer #1

never heard of itt. the twilight series is over.

Answer #2

December 30, 2008

Answer #3

She said it will come out when the twilight saga fan kind of thing dies down a bit. I read it online it is sooo good!!!

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omg I know I’ve been waiting for it too but on her website it just says it will be out sometime after breaking dawn . It doesn’t have a set due daye so there is no rush. However on december 30 2008 the twilight official guide comes out. hope I helped

Answer #5

Caitlyn - where did you see or hear that she is writing again? I’m interested to know, because I am waiting for the release as well.

Answer #6

she said she was upset about the leaked copy but eventually will continue with the book it is undecided when it will be released

Answer #7

Actually, since it was leaked online Stephanie has put it on hold indefinately. So no one knows when it comes out. but if you go to her website you can read the first 200 pages.

Answer #8

Let’s punish our fans, that will really teach a lesson to the person who leaked the information. Whatever…I am so over it. I checked for updates on her site for the last year. She knows how many hits Midnight sun gets. Shame on her for not even giving updates. My interest has been lost…This will be my last inquiry!

Answer #9

the last I heard, it’s not. Apparently she is upset over the first few chapters being posted illeagaly and fells she can’t cotinue with the project…then again, I heard that about 6 months ago, so she could have changed her mind.

Answer #10

heres the 411:theres a petition that needs 2,000 signitures to get midnight sun published/released.but only 62 people signed it!also,the next due date is for the summer.I really doubt it would die down,especially sinse the movies keep reminding us.I hope stephenie is reading this and would consider to release it this year.I have more to say and want stephenie to read my other comment at ,and please tell me what you think and try to sign the petition!!!we are down to our knees begging you to release the book!

Answer #11

Stephenie I am not sure if you do keep up with websites like this one but if you do, I would like to thank you first of all for all the fantastic books in the Twilight Series. I am so sorry that you were betrayed. I cannot imagine the pain that it caused you.

I would like to beg you to reconsider and finish Midnight Sun as I was so captivated by the 12 chapters that you have given to us fans on your website. It is so fantastic to see everything from Edwards point of view. If I may beg you to not only finish Midnight Sun but also include more about Edwards time away from Bella before going to the Volturi begging for his own death. I was so heartbroken while reading of the pain that Bella was encountering, I can only imagine the magnification of Edward’s. It would be interesting to see where he went, what he was thinking, what he felt, and lastly who he encountered.

Please Stephenie reconsider returning to Midnight Sun and bring us all closer to Edward! Thank you so much a very devoted fan!

Answer #12

I’m sorry that your book got leaked, and by chance I read.. im so sorry… but please dont stop writing.. I think you have a wonderfull imagination, its one amazing book and I totally likeed it…!

Answer #13

hi stephanie Im a great fan of yours. I read all four of youre books and Im totaly in love with all of the caracters. I was so disapointed when I finished your books because there was no more to read but then I got my hopes up when I heard about Midnight Sun. Please Stephanie no mater what happend please for Us youre true fans finish the book and posible write more cause we love you and admire your great work and are hungry for more. Thank you so much Stephanie

Answer #14

apparently iav heard she thinking about writing books in nessi’s view and maybe/also Leah’s but iav never heard about that one but its defo not the end of the saga there is soo many loose ends its driving me insane lol :D

Answer #15

Yes Stephanie Meyer is working on Midnight Sun… it may take her sometime to finish it but she is definatley working on it and is going to release it… nobody knows exactly when it will be released but most likely sometime this year. If you watch some of her interveiws she states that she is still in the process of finishing the book and she is upset about the leaker but she knows who did it and that person is being punished for it. But she is not going to punish her fans! Thank You Stephanie We Love You!

Answer #16

I was really hoping she was working on it again, but on the home page, the only mention is in August of last year beasically stating, and I quote, “In any case, I feel too sad about what has happened to continue working on Midnight Sun, and so it is on hold indefinitely.”

If you have any other updates - or maybe I just don’t see it, please let me know.

Thanks :)

Answer #17

if you read her website forever dawn was wrote for her sister and this to will never be released but if everyone will email the publisher asking for her to finish midnight sun the publisher could past our views on to stephenie which every little helps so everyone email the publisher maybe something will happen

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Answer #19

turtlegirl19 - if you go on on the front page her brother Seth, the website creator, says that you cannot contact Stephenie because she is in the midst of writing another to the series, or something like that.


Answer #20

maybe someone should make a website incouraging her to finish midnight sun and continue with others like it ;) it might help

Answer #21

I really liked the twelve chapters I read of it… edwards hilarious in the book, when you hear what people are saying. like this one part (I dont wanna ruin it) he hears the secretary mrs cope (im pretty sure thats her name) saying “NO NO NO! he’s too young! too young! what will my husband think?” LMFAOO

hopefully it does come out sometime this year

Answer #22

yea twilight is the best series I’ve ever read before I read the series I hated to read long books but now since I’ve read the books I’ve become a much better reader and I really hope midnight sun comes out because shes a fantastic writer and evry thing she writes is fantastic and read the chpters she posted online in 2 hours and cnt wait for more!

Answer #23

the book is rumored to be released aroud october but the twilight saga series isnt over she is workin on a 5th book that continues the story its called FOREVER DAWN :D

Answer #24

well how do we email the publisher?

Answer #25

you can type midnight sun in google and it will show you one that says stephenie and it will show you 1 - 12 or something like that.

Answer #26

ok well you can read what she has wrote so far untill someone hacked into her computer and posted it on the internet on her website But she is still writing midnight sun. I cant wait!

Answer #27

Stephenie should finish it, not for the fans, but for herself and for her characters. I feel I need to say this because I understand the bond that forms between writer and character; They aren’t just characters, they’re real. She has every right not to publish Midnight Sun; I wouldn’t blame her. But Edward deserves his side told. She may finish it, but that doesn’t mean it will be published.

Answer #28

I read something on and it said that it will be released in july or august 2010. I really hope that is true I need more twilight!!! has anyone heard anything?

Answer #29

if you on on wiki answersd itsays that the midnight sun book comes out in maybe july or august 2010!!! I hope its true

Answer #30

I read the first twelve chapters on her website! but since it leaked out, she started it again, so if you read it, don’t skip the first twelve chapters PLEASE!

and she is writing it, again, right as we speak (or type or whatever)

Answer #31

I am so tempted to read the first 12 chapters of midnight sun but I dont want to read it just incase stephanie meyer doesnt finish it :( But everyone that has read it said it was funnier then twilight!! Please stephanie can you finishe the book because weall really want to read it!!!

Answer #32

There was some buzz that it wasn’t coming out because someone posted it illeagally online. But if you go to stephanie meyers official website,, then click on twilight series. Midnight sun will be one of the categories to the left. click on it. then go to the bottom and click on Midnight Sun partial draft. it lets you read till page 243. and its legit. hope this helps. -samy

Answer #33

I had heard that there was to be a 5th installment of the series, & someone did a stupid thing. I hope that Stephanie reads this & I hope she will reconsider. I am not a teenager & I loved all 4 of the first books, don’t let someone ruin what you have, we as fans do love your work & respect you a lot & hope that you will go on with your series. Thank you for all you have given to your fans.

Answer #34

Stephenie, I have read the first half of Midnight Sun on your website, it is brilliant. It truely leaves you wanting more. I loved all four books, I work in a High School with 2400 students…and I have never heard a negative critique, but this book, Midnight Sun, has everyone talking, begging, hungry, criing for more. Please finish! We are now left here knowing that there is still so much more to the characters you have blessed us with; the characters we have become so attached; the characters we only thought we knew…

Answer #35

its been held back becasue it got leaked and now she feels dicouraged those people should be ashamed of themselves I dont even care abou the book not coming out im worried about HER she sounded so sad on her website and I know exactly how she feels somethig like that happened to me too. nobody knows when its going to come out.

its ok stephanie be strong :[

Answer #36

I am a teenager and I’m not that into reading especially long books , but once I started reading Twilight I just couldnt stop . I love all four of your books and really can not wait till you publish Midnight sun . Hope you do publish it for all of your fans . I trully Think you are the greatest author !!!

Answer #37

It’s due to be released fall 2009. This is the only book that she is planning on writing from Edward’s perspective (sad sigh…) but LATER she is considering doing books from other character’s perspectives. She just feels a bit burnt out right now on twilight characters… which isn’t hard to understand :)

Answer #38

Hi stephanie… I don’t know if you’ll read this either but I just have to say that I didn’t read your books until recently. I read the Twilight Series in all but 2 1/2 weeks because they were so good and I couldn’t put them down. Any time I had free time I had to read I did. I really want to read more. I know that what those people did was horrible but for you as a writter to just quit on it just like that makes me so sad. People are stupid and make dumb mistakes but I really believe it would be a mistake if you never finished Midnight Sun. I hope that you do and from an excited fan I really look forward to reading it. I respect you and love your work. Thanks for sharing your works with all of us fans. We love you!!!

Answer #39

look, I dont know when or even if midnight sun is going to come out, stephanie’s draft got posted online and now she says she is to upset to continue with the book, I agree with her and she has all the rights in the world to be upset and angry with whatever slime ball did this, but I don’t think that she should punish all of her fans and abandon midnight sun, I have lost hours of sleep reading those books because of how amazing she writes, and I DONT think that even in her current state of mind she would make James win and have all the cullens die, I think that she has to much faith in the Cullens and in her fans. I hope she reads this because I truly think that all she needs to get her spirits up and to finish this book is to see that her fans have faith in Her. And Stephanie, we do, we have so much faith in you, please finish the book, dont do it for whoever (slime ball) put the draft on the inernet, but do it for your fans. WE LOVE YOU STEPHANIE!!!

Answer #40

Yes, I agree. You are the best author I have ever come across, no joke. And I have come across many authors, and read many books because I love reading. But the Twilight series just made me love books even more! Twilight is so interesting…I love the way you have totally made Edward Cullen a really nice, sweet character. I know I’m not up to date with everything that goes on on the internet or anything, but I did hear about Midnight Sun not being published anymore. That definetely makes me the saddest person alive. I speak all this from the bottom of my heart. I only hope, and wish, and pray, that you will continue writing Midnight Sun and that it can get published. Obviously everyone loves Twilight - it’s being made into a movie! So please, give us a chance and write Midnight Sun! That would be much appreciated. I love you!!! =)

Answer #41

I wish she would move forward with this book for all of us who have waited so patiently….

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