Who thinks FunAdvice could use a few more categories?

What are some that you think they should add? I think a History category would be a nice addition. :)

Answer #1

Most categories that people suggest fit underneath another one, theres also the interest section of the site where you can find a history section ofquestions as well.

Answer #2

For some reason, I sometimes have trouble picking a category. For example, on my question “what did women shave their legs with before they invented razors that we use today” I would have said that would go into a history category, but there isn’t one…so I looked down the list, and selected general knowledge.

Answer #3

I’m sure it could, I mean, FunAdvice isn’t perfect and it’s always good to show a little criticism and share ideas for improvement.

Answer #4

Yea…I am not complaining..;..Just wondering if a few more categories would be a good idea. :)

Answer #5

I dunno… I mean, some of the categories tend to collect dust ya know? Why bring something new when things have been untouched.

Answer #6

Well maybe they can be replaced?

Answer #7

I think we need photo categories! I always have problems finding a category to put my photos in. I think we need a photography category because none of my photography will fit in a category :’(

Answer #8

That’s a good idea. I always put mine in beauty and style… =/

Answer #9

Photos go to the photos page and they are categorized based on what the photo is about (personal photos belong in FunAdvice Community, pets belong in Pets & Animals, etc.). It would be rather pointless to categorize every photo as “photo”.

Answer #10

What I’m wondering, reading all this: http://www.funadvice.com/interests/history how does that page not…well, do what you were asking about?

Eg, if you ask a history question, it should finish up there (especially once we’re closer to what we had in mind for that feature).

Same with…well, practicallyi everything :) The reason we don’t want to add categories, per se, is that then when asking you have to select from a billion options…nobody really wants to do that.

Answer #11

So true….if you go to the actual interest page, you can ask your question directly on that page and it should categorize it for you that way.

Answer #12

Ahh, I see. I am glad you guys are explaining why you don’t have more categories. It was just an idea, wasn’t expecting anyone to change anything…but now that I have heard you and Colleen’s opinions, I see why there are only those categories. I never really new about the interest page. I will defiantly check it out though. Thanks you guys. :)

Answer #13

Yeah, most of my photos are in good categories, but there are a few of like, landscapes and sunsets etc that I don’t know where to put >.<!

Answer #14

I put those unidentifiable ones into general knowledge

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