What is the best martial arts to teach myself self defense?

Answer #1

You should find a teacher. You can’t learn martial arts without a teacher and a training partner.

Judo is a defensive martial arts. Karate and taekwondo are rather aggressive sports. Though if you are good at one of those, you can still use it to get rid of someone who attacks you.

Answer #2

It’s better to have a teacher. But really, I think it would be Karate, the moves in the book are fairly simple and well explained. Although when I learned, the teacher tought me much better.

Answer #3

ok thanx :) I just want to learn incase I need to defend myself!

Answer #4

I am definitely going to find a teacher. You can never get the right concept unless you already have had training in the past and you are reviving memories…

Answer #5

There are books on self-defense that can give you some tips for dealing with specific circumstances but as others said your best bet is to get instruction. Krav Maga is probably the best to study for self-defense. If you have seen the Bourne films this is the style of fighting Jason uses. Not pretty but rather effective.

Answer #6

Krav Maga is straight a self defence form of martial arts. If your wanting to learn how to defend yourself this is the style to get into.

Answer #7

I’d think the opposit, I trained in judo for a few years and in taekwondo for about 15 and taekwondo is far less agressive.

Answer #8

Japanese jujitsu, or if you like kicking people in the balls then go with krav maga (just kidding Mackenzie lol) take aikido its verry defensive. Or good ol fashioned boxing babay

Answer #9

okay, then you’re expert. I have my kids learning judo. And it’s rather like they learn to fall without getting hurt, to evade an attacker and to get up really fast. It’s always wait what the other person does and react. Maybe it gets more aggressive in the more advanced levels. Dunno…. My older son left the teakwondo club because he thought it was too much violence. Maybe it was just the kids on his training team?

Answer #10

krav maga is the best. OR you can try jiu jitsu.

Answer #11

krav maga, muay thai or boxing i think are the best also jui jitsu.

Answer #12

I trained in Taekwondo and we were always taught self-defense concepts. It’s also pretty easy to find schools that teach Taekwondo, but they’re usually rather expensive.

Answer #13

karate, because it has got all types of defence and attack…….u’ll feal safe after learning it ;)

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