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So then people what martial arts do you do/want to do? Why do you like that martail arts? and also how long have you been doing it for and what belt are you? just thought id ask because I do jujitsu, have done for 7 years and I am a balck belt. but I like jujitsu because it is very diverse (in my eyes) well there you go have fun.

Answer #1

I did Tae-Kwon-Do for a couple months but it got kinda boring… I like wing chun, cause ther’s no exact technique, its more of a mix.

Answer #2

Badjohnnybad, I must say that is impressive and yes it is the mental state of mind that comes with attaining an understanding of martial arts that is one of the most important things to remember. I have a slight idea of what you mean about constantly thinking of fight sequences myself but its weapons instead because I am self taught with weapons and well I spend a lot of my spare time flailing them about to practice hehe people think im insane because of it but hey.

so heres another question, how about breakfalls? I mean I can now fall downstairs unharmed, and get up faster then a child on speed, the only surface that I cant breakfall on is ice (that I know of) and my fav breakfall has to be the rolling breakfall.

Answer #3

I did Kung Fu and Thai Chi and Thai Boxing for 9 years. I had to stop because I was going through fight sequences in my head over and over and over, and it kept me up at night. The last time I got in a fight was when I was in sixth grade, so I quit. I will always have most of what’s been taught to me, and more importantly is the philosophy that comes with it. There is a lot of spirituality that I will never loose, also and for that I am forever thankful that did it for so long.

WARNING: Beware of bad teachers.

Answer #4

I did martial arts for about 6 years know

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