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Hi. My name is Mark. As long as I know, I’ve had this hidden feeling inside me. In time for action or battle I would feel as I understand the motion of movement - in other words: technique! Sorry for any bad spelling and so on…im from Croatia, Europe There was one incident when I was younger…my so called friend made me very angry and for the next 10 seconds I blanked out…but in reality I managed to pick him up and break his tongue in half…this was the only incident so far.. What am I trying to accomplish here is to get some advice what to do…I love martial arts but we don’t have any good teacher here so if you know any good book or so I would appreciate it… I’m just trying to understand myself, because I don’t know what else to do… Thx

Answer #1

to end this blabbering and wrong conclusions I’ll repeat the I didn’t black out, but blanked out…and if only thing that you people can think of are shrinks then you are the one mentally weak…

Answer #2

I have had a few of those moments myself. It’s actually quite scary. Lemme know if you find out anything ok?

Sorry I didn’t have advice.

Answer #3

I have the same problem with black out anger where you come out with some kind of strengh you didnt know you had and take that other person out the only answer I have is that you need to study “ Chi” which is a type of martial arts that helps you control the black outs because you could end up killing someone like my grandma did with the same problem and not mean to or worse remember even doing it. what works for me is my spirtuality which walks hand in hand with some martial arts depending on the type your intrested sorry I couldnt be more help im haveing issues finding a good teacher myself

Answer #4

Are you on drugs???

Answer #5

cool answers…some funny some disturbing..(drugs)..I hope I don’t do drugs ?? maybe I’ll start training aikido for now…it’s all about defense and meditation…thx

Answer #6

Books can only do so much…you need a good teacher.

Broke his tongue in half??…maybe a therapist too.

Answer #7

You obviously have anger issues - please get help and don’t stay in denial…Take care !!

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