How would marijuana second hand smoke affect your health if it were made legal?

Answer #1

The same way normal second hand smoke affects your life:

  1. It would damage your lungs without giving your consent
  2. It would cause a range of health problems (relating to messing up your lungs, allergies, asthma etc
  3. It would annoy the hell out of me, because of people smoking around me and being allowed to and me not having a say about them stopping.
Answer #2

That’s what i thought. Always remembered that Bob Marley had brain tumors!

Answer #3

Yep, smoking is bad, regardless of in what form. It’s probably the amount of smoking that caused his brain tumors. I hate the stuff and wouldn’t mind if cigarettes were banned as well. It’s nasty and often smokers have no consideration for anyone except themselves.

Answer #4

marijuana smoke that isnt directly inhaled has VERY little thc in it and the only reason secondhand smoke from cigarettes is so dangerous is the ingredients of them. Secondhand smoke from E cigarettes is not dangerous at all. And marijuana is a plant, and the tar isnt airbourne. Secondhand smoke isnt harmful.

Answer #5

As someone who suffers from asthma, I find that all type of smoke causes me to have difficulty breathing, not only those from cigarettes. Our lungs work on oxygen and NOTHING else.

Answer #6

Sorry. Actually loved marijuana. Lol. Just that its illegal and I’m not one to break the law.

Answer #7

Also to make a point, poison ivy is also a plant and so are other posoinous plants. Just because something is natural doesn’t make it good for us.

Answer #8

Tobacco is a plant too…

Answer #9

I understand your points, but I seriously doubt that even if it were legal, people would be out and about just lighting up joints. Drinking in public (not in a bar, but on the street I mean) is illegal, so I’m sure marijuana would be regulated similarly. Cigarettes are slowly being banned in public places, so I SERIOUSLY doubt that marijuana will be allowed in bars and restaurants the way cigarettes are still. My dad smokes in his truck even when I’m in it, and it makes me crazy because I have allergies. Every morning he lights up in the downstairs restroom in the back of our house, and it makes me wake up feeling sick because the smoke travels upstairs to my room.

Answer #10

marijuana is actually pretty good for you from time to time. So possibly you’d become a healthier person. But there would be social educate like there is with smoking now, so I’m sure it’s easily avoidable.

Answer #11

Shhhhhhhhh. Dont tell anyone!!! lol

Answer #12

weather its natural is no point. marriage is not natural but we live by it. or try to at least. The Point to be proven is “is it healthy?”

Answer #13

hot box lets goo

Answer #14

It wouldn’t. THC (the compound that makes marijuana get you high) is nonaddictive, and generally speaking, it doesn’t have additives (which are the parts of regular cigarette smoke that are carcinogens). Sure, same as woodsmoke or any smoke, it would play merry hell with people with lungs sensitive to such things (such as asthma), but by and large it is no more dangerous than inhaling while sitting close to a campfire

Worst case scenario, having you be constantly surrounded by people who are partaking, then you will possibly have minute bits of resin buildup over time. However, I am not a physician, so I can’t comment on what possible effects that would have.

Answer #15

tobacco is mixed with chemicals to create cigarettes and i didnt know you had asthma see i was directing my comments toward people that dont suffer from disabilities or sicknesses or dieseases. if you have any of those, dont smoke. anything. Well renaldo no. it wont make you healthy. but itts fun. soooo

Answer #16

Tell me how its healthy for you, with references to original scientific studies (not just things you found on google) and maybe I will take you seriously

Answer #17

Badly. I just read a study on the composition of cannabis smoke, and it was shown that the carcinogenic compounds found in tobacco smoke are present in cannabis smoke in higher quantities. There is twenty times the ammonia in cannbis smoke and 3-5 times more hydrogen cyanide. So for everyone saying cannabis smoke isnt harmful because its not carcinogenic, do your research and get your facts straight first. Cannabis use has been shown to increase the risk of cancer, including lung cancer, and nasopharangeal cancer. Also, “very little” THC isnt reassuring for me - I dont want to be inhaling ANY.

Answer #18

by the way, our founding fathers lit up. I learned that in my drug class i have to take for probation. when in rome…

Answer #19

Secondhand marijuana smoke may cause lung irritation. If you live with someone who chain smokes, it’s certainly possible that this could have adverse effects on your health, particularly the health of your lungs. However, what makes secondhand cigarette smoke so harmful is not the SMOKE, but all the awful carcinogenic chemicals that they put into cigarettes. Tobacco and nicotene on their own aren’t very good for you, but neither do they cause cancer or death. But cigarettes do not contain just tobacco and nicotene, but literally thousands of other chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens, some of which are outright POISONOUS.

If you’re smoking pure, good quality cannabis, it will not harm you or the people around you unless you chain smoke heavily. Not all marijuana is good quality or pure, however. Some of it can contain harmful chemicals. Fortunately, if marijuana is legalized, it will be easier to make sure that the pot you’re getting is of good quality and without extra chemicals added to it. :)

Still, smoking in public is not recommended. It is not polite and can be very harmful to people with allergies or asthma. Secondhand marijuana smoke, in reasonable quantities, will probably not give you cancer, but it could still be very harmful to those who are sensitive to smoke.

Answer #20

That’s the biggest bunch of nonsense I have ever heard. How do you reckon it is good for you?

Answer #21

I agree with you about the regulation, but I find that smokers who I know are the worst, because they’ll smoke while I’m driving with them or in their own homes and I cannot complain. Also I think once it is legalized that it won’t be properly regulated for at least a while.

Answer #22

My asthma was caused by smoking. That is why I have asthma. If it wasn’t for smoking I would have it now (and second hand smoking when I was younger). It can cause it, even for healthy people it wouldn’t be good.

Answer #23

Marijuana can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, from chronic pain to diabetes to anxiety. :) Doesn’t work for everyone, but for some people with medical problems, a little bit of marijuana can be very beneficial. You can also get vaporizors that will allow you to breathe in the cannabis via steam instead of smoke. Of course, like with any substance, marijuana should only be used in moderation. But in moderation, it is highly unlikely that it would harm you.

Answer #24

Here are some studies. :)

Plus, you can always go to a pain management clinic or specialist. They will be able to tell you that yes, marijuana can be used to treat medical conditions, and no, it is not harmful when used in moderation. :) I see a pain specialist every month, and even in my small conservative town, many fellow patients use medical marijuana. For some, it has even allowed them to get their lives back after an injury or illness. It reduces their pain, stress, and anxiety, helps them sleep, and increases their appetite (some people who are ill, especially from cancer, lose their appetites completely and have no desire to eat, which makes them weaker).

Answer #25

I forgot to mention vaporizers. You can buy machines that use steam to release cannabis into the air you breathe, without using smoke. This is much healthier for your lungs, but on the downside, it will affect anyone in the room with you, even pets. So you should never use it around other people without their consent. :) Of course, I don’t believe you should smoke around anyone either without their consent, no matter what you’re smoking. Even if it doesn’t bother their lungs, it’s still rude.

You can also buy bongs that vaporize marijuana. You put the marijuana in, and it has a round chamber that screws on over that. The chamber has an opening on the top, and to take a hit, you use a lighter right over this opening. It heats up the plant and the chemicals get released in the form of vapor. After a few seconds of holding the lighter over the opening, breathe in through the other end as you normally would. It takes longer to get high this way, but it has the benefit of not getting smoke into your lungs, and it has very little effect on other people or pets who might be around you. It also uses smaller amounts of marijuana than regular smoking. :)

Answer #26

Pain relieve doesnt mean its healthy for you, it means in some cases there are benefits that outweigh the harm

Answer #27

Thats great for your founding fathers. It would have taken you two seconds to figure out your founding fathers have nothing to do with me. Therefore I dont give a crap.

Answer #28

There are more carcinogenic compounds in cannabis smoke than in tobacco smoke, as I already mentioned in my answer…

Answer #29

Danielle said it all. I mean how to you still rationalize that it is good for you. It benefits some people i.e the terminally ill cancer patients, etc. But really there are tons of medications and lifestyle changes you can make to help deal with anxiety (and I am a sufferer of it - never needed weed to make a positive change) which are a lot better than smoking the things. I still maintain that your lungs need oxygen and nothing else to function. If you are suffering from intense pain and the doctors think that marijuana is the only thing that will help, good, but medical marijuana is already available. We don’t need the things legalized. Oh and another observation is that marijuana makes you SLOW if you use it for anxiety. I know of a few people who uses it and ALL of them have retarded reflexes and be slower than normal.

Answer #30

So what if it makes you slower than usual? It has a sedating effect. You shouldn’t drive while high, but many other prescription medications have the same effects and you are advised not to drive while taking those either. The main method for treating anxiety is with sedatives like benzodiazapines, which are fast-acting CNS depressants. They can also be very addictive and taking them for a long time results in tolerance, increasing your chances of overdose. I am not against benzos, but almost every substance out there can be dangerous. In fact, marijuana is quite frankly harmless compared to a lot of prescription medications. If you’re being treated for pain, the most common treatment is narcotic painkillers, which share many of the same dangers as benzos. They slow you down physically and mentally, can be highly addictive, and can cause overdose fairly easily once you’ve developed a tolerance for them. Every substance works differently for every person. For some people, marijuana is the healthiest and best option. For others, like you, it isn’t. :) But let’s not overstate the dangers of it. Just to drive the point home further, alcohol is the most dangerous substance there is, and it’s quite legal. See this great study and the corresponding graph:

Answer #31

Just as an aside, I think the possible dangers of marijuana actually make a good pro-legalization statement. Marijuana use is widespread- it’s difficult to find anyone these days who hasn’t tried it at least once. But pot obtained through less-than-legal means can have harmful chemicals added to it, since there is no quality control and drug dealers are out to make the most profit they can, without concern for their customers. If legalized, there would be quality control and people could obtain safer, more pure cannabis. When people obtain illegal marijuana, it does not come with convenient warnings on the package, unlike alcohol or prescription medications. As a result, many consumers do not even have any idea that marijuana can be harmful. “Stoners” can be quite adamant in their position that pot is 100% harmless, which is not true. Legalization would result in better, more conclusive studies on the possible harmful effects, as well as spreading the information that pot is not always harmless.

Answer #32

electronic cigaret cartridges contain nicotine and glycerin, glycerin is made from distilled animal fats, not the best thing to have in your lungs.

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