Does it affect your health if you smoke paper?

because I caught my sister smoking paper not weed I mean like computer paper with nothing in it o_O?

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Haha. I did that before. It does affect your health because you are still inhaling smoke, not the proper amounts of oxygen that you need. Tell her to stop doing it or tell your parents before she gets used to it and start doing marijuana or normal cigarettes.

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No not really, paper never really hurt anyones health, most people do it when they try to quit cigaretes

Is smoking paper bad for you?

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Inhaling smoke into your lungs of ANY kind is harmful to your health in the long run. Also, alot of papers have chemicals in them that can make the smoke even more harmful to be inhaled.

Is smoking paper bad for you?
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It's been asked if it's bad on here before:
:) doesn't sound good and it's getting inhaled to your lungs so it could be very dangerous.

Is smoking normal paper ok if you dont inhale but blow out?

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oh you can get addicted to smoking paper?? thats just so freaking weird LoL & oh I will believe me ! thank you

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oh ok

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oh thats crazy thank you

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lol funnyboy56 :D

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thank you

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computer paper has bleach and other chemicals in it, and inhaling it is REALLY bad for your lungs and from what i hear can make you throw up. thats why they use special papers to roll cigs or joints.

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... :D

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Like mandyloo said smoking anything can be bad some things quicker than others. A friend of mine started coughing pretty bad when he mixed dead pinestraw and pencil shavings rolled up (I'm guessing the shavings were the worst part, lol).

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Wow, you sure she wasn't already high?

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Say what? i ate paper my whole childhood and i did not get sick off of it.

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Yes, any kind of smoke, from anathing will cause some kind of problem to your health, especially to your lungs.

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thank you

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LoL no because when I took the paper out of her hand ,,, not only did I hurt because it burnt my hand but she was nervous her eyes werent red she looked her normal self and she was scared like odee

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LoL I'm sorry bout that , and yeah I guess your right she was like oh it can't really do nothing to you because its paper but I had my doubts and really had to find out thank you

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so did i, there is a differance between inhaling and eating

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so did i, there is a differance between inhaling and eating

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What if you hold it in your mouth, then let it out? It's not getting in your lungs.

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