Man you or arsenal ???

Whos better man you or arsenal??? Like with their skills and stuff... Because my whole class cant stop fighting over that simple question..
Please help me out
Thankz =d

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Manchester United!!! come on! aresnals sh!te! in my school the guys and me ardue about rangers or celtic and man utd or liverpool.

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united no doubt..
cnt wait for another few years im gonna be in that team :)
im in the youths at the moment. ;)

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Yeah I agree with ichibanarky...

It's not worth fighting over.

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manchester because they have better players than arsenal.

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Neither one of them are actually worth fighting over.

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okaii kl

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man you get too cocky and are starting to lose disilpline
I personally like arsenal cus of their quick passing and skills but most playes like henry and pires are gone so they lose style but ihate RONALDO and united in general :)

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blue is the colour
its all about chelsea

best team in the world

man uhve nuthin left but rooney and vidic
sir alex will retire soon leaving someon with crap team high ssure and and money

well done sir alex

on the other hand arsenal pay aaig football
penty of youth
here wll have some money soon when the flats get sod.

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neither cus im a birmingham city (blues) fan :p

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