Liverpool vs arsenal

what did you think of the match liverpool vs arsenal?
liverpool(4) arsenal(4)
torres=2 arshavin=4

final score 4 each.. brillant game..
but I still hate both teams.. come on man utd

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liverpool is great with torres and gerrard around
arsenal,not so great,I like them better when henry is still playing there
man Utd,what can I say? they are really great,I just dont like cristiano ronaldo's attitude

ANSWER #2 of 3

yeah I hear that.. he needs 2 buck up and do some work so does berbatov..;grrr.

but united is in a slump lately I just hope they can get out. :(

and I hate ronaldos attitude but that goal against porto was 1 of the best goals I've evr seen.:D

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I thought Arshavn was f***ing amazing that game. Glad to see Liverpool lose I cant stand them, but at the same time dont want Man you to win the title but they have the best aquad in the league so its pretty much bound to happen.

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