Lump under arm pit

I found a pea sized lump under my arm pit this morning, it is very sore but there are no signs of being bitten by an insect. Pleaseee help! =/

Answer #1

I’m agreeing with the people who said its a boil.. if its painful you can use a warm washcloth on it to sooth it.. this will also bring it to a “head”.. then you can squeeze out the infection.. after you do that, keep it clean and dry for a few days.. its like a zit.. it will go away.. if it comes back after you do this.. then see the doc.. there are medications you can take to keep them from coming back

Answer #2

If your in track it happends, my friends in track im in volleyball , I’ve never gotten it but she told me about having one .

Answer #3

I’ve gotten a lump under my arm in the past from using a “cheap” brand of deodorant. Tussy does it everytime I’ve ever tried to use it.

Answer #4

it is either a boil or a swollen lymphnode it should go away

Answer #5

u might have catscrach fever it has nothing to do with having a fever I dont know why its called that? but I had it once and it kill it might be what you have it might not.

Answer #6

get em constantly I wouldnt worry if u have just shaved it is somethin like a razor bump but if u didnt just shave get somemore advice,goodluck

Answer #7

If it doesn’t disappear in a day or two, go to your doctor. Go sooner if you’ve been having flu-like symptoms.

Answer #8

I could also be a syst, but the best thing to do would be to go see a doctor as soon as possible, you never know, it could be early signs of cancer. I’m not trying to scare you, but you need to find out what it is.

Answer #9

Do you shave frequently? This could be a hair that’s trapped causing the lump. You should go see a doctor to bust the lump, don’t try busting it yourself.

Answer #10

might be a staphlo infection

Answer #11

I get them all the time! they are nothing to worrie about! they go away in a couple of days!

Answer #12

yes it could be a cyst or more likely a swollen gland

Answer #13

it could be a kind of seriously, go see a doctor!

Answer #14

did you use someone else’s deodorant or razor? when someone else’s body sweat or fluids come in contact wtih yours.. it causes a little cyst like thing.. I’m googling what they’re called because I forgot haha.

Answer #15

could be an ingown hair.

Answer #16

I think to be on the safe side you should consult your doctor. You never know it could be something more serious!

Answer #17

I had one of these under my left arm many many years ago, (about 40yrs ago) it was a boil, the dr. lanced it and did not sew it up but I bled a lot after I left the DR. office and had to go back to the dr. and got out of the car, and fainted from loss of blood before I could get to his door. the lab people found me…and he sewed it up…now here 40 years. later I have another one under the left arm again, in fact I have a large one for about a week and it hurts and now I have a smaller one, it does not hurt but probably will eventually. I think it is a boil. I do not shave and I do not use deodorants. I started using caldesene powder or baking soda a year or so ago…will probably go to the dr. next week if it is still there… think it is best to be seen by a dr. just for safety sake if it is there for two weeks..

Answer #18

this may sound funny but did you just shave….. some times when you shave u get a spot under the skin that can be really sore and wont look like a bite, just goes red, if so it will go away in a few days if not go see your doctor but i would not worry to much

Answer #19

thanks for sharing all this.. I just discovered a bump under armpit and freeked out because I had sex without condom yesterday. I ve checked all the STD infos , none said it may be due to it. I m just gonna wait one more day to see where it goes, but if another one grows on me, I ll def see a doc. Good luck

Answer #20

Ok, here’s an easy way to tell the difference between cancer and a boil. . .cancerous tumors usually grow very slowly and they are hard. . .if that thing grows to the size of a quarter in the middle of the night, you have yourself a boil/abscess. They have names like “folliculitis” and “cellulitis” if you want to get fancy. I got 2 over the summer that wouldn’t go away and had to be lanced, packed, and I had to be put on antibiotics. These little infections can be staph and if treated improperly, may lead to introduction of staph to your bloodstream which can lead to serious complications. Now, rest assured, lancing it isn’t much fun but once you get over the numbing medicine (which hurts like hell), it’s a much quicker way to get rid of the lump and resume life.

Answer #21

it is probably a swollen gland. I sometimes get them right after I shave. hope this helped.

Answer #22

I have the same problem!!I have one on my right armpit. it hurts and now I had noticed that another lump is under my left armpit..

Answer #23

I’ve had lumps on and off under my armpits for 6 years. sometimes I have two or three at a time and have swollen to the size of a egg and have been unable to raise my arm. I get flu like symptoms which is annoying. There was a time I was getting them every week and each time I go to the GP they say it’s a bacterial Infection caused by shaving my armpits. I get prescribed someting that kills off all the bacteria in the body (have to top back up with the good stuff by having those little activa pots).

I never share a razor, towel or anything to cause an infection, it just happens. After mentioning it to friends I realised that others have had similiar but just haven’t mentioned it, seems more common now.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, try waxing instead of shaving, keep it clean an dry.

Answer #24

Was there any other areas of swelling like in your neck of groin areas?

What you described in your post is usually a sign of a swollen lymph node.

They are located in the arm, neck, under the chin and groin area. They are your infection collectors.

I agree that if any swelling appears in other areas or flu like symptoms appear you should go to your doctor right away.

But if there is any enlargement of the swelling you do need to seek medical advice. It is better to err on the side of caution. Most times from what you described is just an inflamed lymph node.

But it should still be watched and checked out to make sure.

Answer #25

I am 25 and the last time I had a sore swollen lump (lymph node) I went to the DR and they said they would do an x-ray. DONT settle for just an X-ray. I didnt, I got more than one opinion…I ended up having leukemia (for the 2nd time in my life) just be careful. my other symptoms were…excessive sleeping, throwing up, weakness like couldnt stand for a minute without feeling like I was going to faint, easily brusing and I developed some sort of temporary OCD with locking doors and checking them numerous times. dont get scared and dont settle for one answer, I would suggest a bone marrow biopsy (they hurt so try to get it done with anesthetics) or a biopsy of the lump (that I dont know if it hurts)

Answer #26

I discovered a lump the same as you are all describing on the side of my jaw the other day so I went to see my doctor today and my friend has had the same thing but under her armpit like it is side above. You have no need to be worried it is just a swollen gland and apparently cannot be treated but it will go on it’s own. If you find it painful then just take some pain killers. But if the lump is still there in a couple of weeks and you are still concerned I would go and see your doctor. Hope this helps x

Answer #27

thank god…iam relieved… iam having a hard time with one under my left arm.. I just shaved but since I smoke , I thought it might be cancer or something… but its just because of shaving perhaps… iam 22 years old… and I dont think it might be cancer.. can anyone please advice mee… iam unable to lift my arm completely because its causing pain when I try to… is it just the lymph node or …

Answer #28

well u shud go to the the doctor and u can get surjury its better or—…=) wait u said u found it this morning will it could be an insect u shud go check it out befor it gets bad=( my dog candy had it .

here is what u shud do: 1.look on the internet about some insects & what happens if u get bite by it. 2.if I seems like the sore u have go to the doctor and tell em about it they will know what to do. 3.if the dont have an answer get surfury on it.

good luck=)=)

  1. if they don’t have an answer get sur if the dont have an answer get
Answer #29

I as well am experiencing small pea sized lumps under my armpits they are very tender to the touch and when pinched they hurt… I had 2 one under each armpit and it has been that way for months… I have just recently noticed the lumps are bigger and there are more now… I do not have insurance and was wondering if anyone else has experienced this for a longer length of time?

Answer #30

ingrown hair or a pimple lol sounds weird but it happens

Answer #31

its probably like a boil or something… or it could be an abbsess( pocket full of puss) try get a wet hot towel and put it on the sore spot… it will make it soft so it brings the liquid up to the surface so you can get rid of it… it should form a head so you can pop it… just keep it clean and just put heat on it…

hope this helped=)

Answer #32

I had lumps under both arms when I was pregnant and it was an infection my baby had a bowel movement inside of me I had a slight fever and didn’t feel that good

Answer #33

you probably have a rizon itll be ok though

Answer #34

I can’t believe some of these answers that people post here. If one is not a specialist in medicine don’t pretend that you are one. Some of the comments posted here are enough to worry a person sick. Please think twice before making a post!

Answer #35

hi I woke up monday moring with a lump under my arm pit I very scared what it is but I did shave sat so you think it can be from that it also was a different razor to then I use

Answer #36

It’s a boil/cyst. Calm down, it is a result of the hair follicle being infected, so one of your hair follicles under your arm is infected which caused the swelin ; the boil. It will disappear in a couple of days

Answer #37

um. I’ve had a lump under my wrm many times. my mom told me when I was young it was from sharing deodarent. but I dont do that anymore. so its bigger than a pea and it hurts like shite. so I want to know what 2 do 2 because I get them frequently

Answer #38

Do you shave frequently? This could be a hair that’s trapped causing the lump. You should go see a doctor to bust the lump, don’t try busting it yourself.

Answer #39

Calm down. I’ve gotten the same thing. It’s fine. Squeeze it to see if anything comes out. If nothing comes out, try once every morning. Eventually, I got a lot of stuff out of it. It was kind of gross, but it helped. I did that and mine is practically gone now. I assume mine will be gone in the next few days. ~kate

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