Who else loves the sound of a roaring engine on a classic mustang?

Answer #1

I like the sound of a big block more, it has a deeper rumble, but I did love V8s before gas shot up, now I hate to feed mine.

Answer #2

I usta to drag race a 72 dodge charger with a 400 big block, and I loved the way it sounded. That engine had a 5 inch bore and when it idled it had a very deep loop to it.

Answer #3

I love a dodge just as much. Golf 6 roars like a tiger.

Answer #4

When know I am old and I have an SUV and a commuter, I have to be more sensible.

Answer #5

To me high revving motorcycle or Formula 1 engines sound best. I’m a little dismayed that Formula 1 engines are now limited by rules to 18,000 RPM and probably lower in the future. In 2003 BMW coaxed 900+ HP from their normally aspirated 3 liter Formula 1 engine revving to 19,200 RPM. People who claim there is no replacement for displacement are clearly wrong.

Answer #6

My boyfriend also races!! He has an 81 Chevy S10 with a 383 small block in it. It sounds goood!!

Answer #7

never herd one in person but i like this type sound best:…

Answer #8

Here is what happens when you add displacement.

The fastest top fuelers can attain terminal speeds of over 530 km/h (329 mph) while covering the quarter mile (402 m) distance in roughly 4.45 seconds. Top Fuel dragsters are the fastest accelerating manned vehicles on Earth, quicker even than the space shuttle launch vehicle or catapult-assisted jet fighter.[citation needed] A Top Fuel dragster produces 8,000 horsepower (6,000 kW) and can go from 0 to 320 mph (510 km/h) in under 5 seconds and from 0–100 km/h in 0.9 seconds


Answer #9

I bet it does, I once ran the 400 SB in my Chevy Blazer 4x4.

Answer #10

All true but it isn’t a fair comparision. First off, top fuel dragsters run nitromethane with a little alcohol. F1 engines run on gasoline. Granted F1 fuel is a little different from what we put in our tanks but our cars would run fine on F1 fuel and F1 cars would run on pump gas and only be short a few horsepower. Top fuel dragsters run run with up to 74 PSI of boost and the amount of fuel pumped into the cylinders is only limited by hydrolock. F1 engines are normally aspirated, no turbo or superchargers in F1 but they still managed 300 hp/liter before regulations cut their revs. Top fuel’s 7 liter engines produce about 1200 HP/liter which considering that the run nitromethane and up to 5 bars of boost isn’t that impressive compared to the 300 HP/liter normally aspirated F1 engines.

Answer #11

I love the sound of classic mustang engine.. Its beautiful P: lol

Answer #12


Answer #13

I used to have a 1971 Mustang Grande with a 351 Cleveland setup barely street legal. In tose days side pipes were the thing and using Edlebrock exhaust straigh to the pipes made a wonderful rumble. It would purr at idle and roar when you hit the gas.

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