Why do all the girls ask if they are pretty?

Why are all these gurls asking if they are pretty…its getting pretty anoying to me just wunder if anybody else feels the same way…if one more ask im just guna say no even if she is…

Answer #1

yeah, the asking if you’re pretty or not is like the asking if your fat or not. girls are just looking for attention. I mean, if you’re obviously beautiful and you’re asking that, then that’s just pathetic.

Answer #2

because they would like to know if they are pretty or not… or simply because they don’t have mirror at their house/residence :)

More likely, it is a compliment to life… girl usu. takes longer time before her readiness to set off so just asking a Q, not a real bother… rite? and I don’t think they ask this Q to e.one… I think they rather prefer the A from only their love ones… so not a big deal… :-D

Answer #3

Because they want attention, your right, it is annoying. No offense but TYPING LIKE THIS is pretty annoying too.

The worst part is when they post questions with the caption saying “I know I’m ugly” … if they know they are ugly, why would they post the picture?

Answer #4

Yeah I know. And like if you be honest and blunt (which can get you in trouble) you get verbally abused. they dont like the answer unless its a perfect answer.

Answer #5

LoL yeah I’m very sick and tired of answering the same old question. I just say if you think you’re ugly then you probably are.

Answer #6

its probably because they are young and imature. They want attention. Just see it as such and it wont annoy you as much. I tend to just ignore it and then it doesnt bother me.

Answer #7

Kiasu is exactly right!! I have the same problem, and everything that kiasu said applys to me.. I have a very low self-esteem.. And it is all because when I was younger I got made fun of a lot for being fat and ugly, and this was like when I was younger than 12. Now however much weight I lose ill still think that im fat, and no matter how pretty people tell me I am I will always think that im ugly! SO please dont be mean to these girls, trust me most of them have confidence problems… and you doing that might even make them suicidal you never know so just be aware of ppls feelings.

Answer #8

because they prob think your hott and want to know what you think of them

Answer #9

Or as I have previouisly mentioned, maybe because they have very low self confidence and self esteem from the way they were brought up as a child.

This sh*t sticks to one like superglue and often stays with one throughout life unless an attempt is made to address it.

Just be aware that the people asking this question are not necessarily vain people.

Example: Someone with anorexia will see a fat person when they look in the mirror when others will see they are just skin and bone.

People with low self esteem may look in the mirror and see an ugly person while others will see a beautiful face that they would die for.

In more severe cases, there is something called Body dysmorphia (or BDD) which has seldom been discussed on this site. See the following from a medical website:

Body dysmorphia (or BDD) - What causes it?

The cause of BDD is unclear, but it may be genetic or caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

What are the symptoms?

People with BDD are excessively worried about a part of their body which they perceive to have a defect. They continue to believe this despite reassurances about their appearance.

Any area of the body may be involved in BDD, but the face is the most common.

A person with BDD may:

Wear excessive make-up or heavy clothing to hide their perceived defect Repeatedly look in the mirror and seek reassurance about their appearance Frequently touch or measure the perceived defect Repeatedly pick at their skin or pluck their hair and eyebrows Feel anxious when around other people Seek medical treatment for the perceived defect Diet and exercise excessively

People with BDD may not be able to hold down a job and sometimes avoid socialising. They can also find it difficult to have relationships.

Who’s affected?

BDD is believed to affect at least one per cent of the UK population. It’s more common in people with a history of depression and/or social phobia. It often occurs with obsessive-compulsive disorder or generalised anxiety disorder. It may also exist alongside an eating disorder.

It usually starts in adolescence when people are most sensitive about their appearance.

What’s the treatment?

Treatment may include antidepressant medication, cognitive behavioural therapy or a combination of both. Antipsychotic medication is sometimes used.

It’s difficult to prevent BDD from developing since its cause remains unclear.

I’m not saying that any of these things apply here, I am just saying that there are sometimes others reasons why a person may ask this question other than the fact that they are just pretty and vain.


Answer #10

Some people have a serious problem with self esteem and self confidence so need constant reassurance to make them feel good.

The problem with this is that if 99 people reply and say they look great and one person replies and says they are ugly, they will ignore the 99 others and just react to the response from the 1.

They often do not do this to be ‘attention seekers’ but that is often how those with good self esteem will interpret what is basically a cry for help.

These people can be helped but only with professional counselling.

I know it can be annoying when these type of questions appear on this site but all I ask is that you perhaps try and see it through their eyes and not make a snap judgement that they are attention seekers.

Many of these individual have grown up with friends and families constantly putting them down, telling they are worthless and ugly until this becomes so ingrained, they just accept it and believe they are worthless and ugly people.

I think this is a very sad situation, however, sympathy is not the answer, politely suggesting that they seek professional help (like those who are real skinny that think they are fat) would be far more constructive advice in such situations.

There is no quick fix and even with professional support, progress can take a long time. After all, many of these people had these thoughts forced into them during their first 10 years or so of the most influencial part of their lives.

Just my opinion based upon managing a homeless hostel where many people felt this way about themselves.


Answer #11

Kiasu, I think everyone on the planet has read your rediculusly long post… twice…

Answer #12

lol. yea that question does get on my nerves.

Answer #13

Why Do they even bother all everyone is going to do is say the nice thing and not the actual thing, the real thing they want to hear is if you find them sexually pretty, but it doesn’t matter becouse nobody is that mean to give them the truth becouse THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH

(my favorite movie line!)

I used to be one of the people that thought they were ugly look all these girls need is a boyfriend and a resonably attractive one at that that can boost confidence sooo much its crazy


Answer #14

were girls selfa steem is very important.

Answer #15

the reasons girls ask it is because not many guys ask them out and they start to wonder if they’re pretty or not. just guessing

Answer #16

I agree with kiasu and deborah p

Answer #17

Asked the same question…they ask it so much I think Im about to delete my account LOL…seriously

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