What's it like to live in canada? what part do you live in?

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I live in Virginiatown - it's in Northeastern Ontario (see photo)......I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world.

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I live in the middle of Manitoba... I want out. Canada in itself is a nice country though. I just don't plan on staying here.

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I live In Canada Ontario, right on Lake Huron
It's really nice, I love it, it's peaceful and quite, the great place in the world (:

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I live in Markham Ontario, just North of Toronto, and it's alright. Nothing interesting really happens here. I'm probably going to be moving to NYC when I'm older - I'm already saving for it :) Or I'll be moving to Salinas, California to be closer to my ex boyfriend.

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I believe something like 90% of the population lives within 50 miles of the US boarder.

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I live in Ontario, I love it. I live in a quieter town, nothing like down town where its so busy and fast paced, although it's not that much better.
We have a few malls where I live, a few movie theatres.
The traffic is the same as anywhere else, I'd imagine, busy in the morning and around 5,6 ish.
Its quite safe here too, we do get crimes but most often not major ones, nothing like the ones you hear in the big cities.
All in all, I love living here, the people are friendly and its quiet and quite peaceful.

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