Would you rather live in a: big city, small town, or the middle of the country?

Answer #1

Big city. I like knowing there are people around. I’m already living near the country and small towns and I find it so boring

Answer #2

Omg big city, sooooo much more to do! I moved from the city to the middle of no were in the country and I tell you its like hell for me. I mean so people love it because its peace full but I have to drive for like an hour just to get some were. : )

Answer #3

i like small towns, where i live we all know each other and everyone has a lot of acreage and its soo calming :]

Answer #4

I know exactly what you mean. What city are you from?

Answer #5

Indianapolis, IN

Answer #6

oh cool.

Answer #7

Yeah, not exactly the most fun city but ill get my chance to move out and explore the world. :)

Answer #8

Where would you want to go?

Answer #9

All over but I plan on moving to alstralia. :)

Answer #10

COOL! I’ve always wanted to go there for vacation.

Answer #11

Me too but I’m afraid if I go I won’t go home, it looks beautiful. Its never cold there that’s about the best part.

Answer #12

Really? I love the cold :) What part do you want to go? I want to go to Sydney

Answer #13

Ohh I can’t stand the cold lol. Sydney as well, its one of their biggest cities lol.

Answer #14

Man I’m in a part of the U.S. where we hardly get snow, but when they get like an inch, everyone crashes. I really miss the snow and the cold. I think winter is the prettiest season.

Answer #15

Small town. Cities are not really for me, and maybe the countryside. I like the country but that’s only because my relatives are there. If they weren’t there I wouldn’t consider living there. So I like living in a small town. :)

Answer #16

I live in my home village of 600 people after spending most of my life on the gypsy trail - I lived in every type of place imaginable…what I’ve come to learn is that while the cities are great for their shopping and conveniences, it could never replace the warm feeling you get from the few people who surround you and call you one of their own. There’s something comforting about being greeted with open arms every corner you turn (even if there aren’t that many corners)…there’s no place like home.

Answer #17

oh we get snow and its cold like none stop, i think it terrible. people crash here too but were used to it so we adjust to it. lol ive drove in it and it not as bad as people let it on to be.

Answer #18

middle of counrt :D:D:D:D:D


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