Who here likes plastic plants because they won't die on you?

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haha! my cat likes them a lot!

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plastic pants.......??????????
never even hurd of that, then again im from oklahoma and could care less
about the latest fashion, i still wear good will clothes

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I really don't have a green thumb as much as I like the look of plants. Plastic
works for me! :)

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She meant PLASTIC PLANTS.. not pants.. so like fake flowers or something... LOL :)

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I like them them cuz they dont draw alot of bugs in my house like nats.. there
ANNOYING cuz alll my moms real plants have em'!!

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ha ha ha ha ha!!

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That is yet another great reason to have plastic plants!! :D

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I like real plants, personally. The liveliness of the flower and the pure fragrance draws me in.

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