When to pull up tulips for re-planting in fall

We moved late last summer, and this spring were delighted to see many tulips pop up, however they are thru blooming, and we want to re-arrange the garden next year, and I would like to know if we could pull them now, and let the leaves die off, could we re-plant them in the fall and will they bloom again. I have been told I had to leave them in the ground or they won't bloom next spring.

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As pink says, the bulbs draw nutrients out of the leaves as they die off, to help form the flowers for next year. They can be lifted after this die-back if necessary and kept in a cool dry place, then (if you don't live in a very cold place) placed in the fridge crisper for 4-6 weeks just before planting again the following fall. This cold period helps trigger flowering.

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They do much better if you leave them in the ground and they go through a cold winter. Just wait till the leaves start to get yellow, then cut them off. The green leaves supply nutrients to build the plants up for next year's flowers.

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