How many of you have a license to carry a concealed weapon?

I've been taking gun saftey courses and am curious how many of you have licenses to carry.

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I do

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Ive had mine for two years now, i took the classes and got my license when i bought my first handgun. I never carry it in places with me, however i will bring it in my car if im going to a bad area or somewhere i dont know.

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I did but when i got my 51-50 i had to sign a paper that says i cant have a firearm for the rest of my life. (i still have it) but now im fûcked if i get caught :/

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Why would you say that on this site?

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only yanks is my guess

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as soon as they pass the law here in wisconsin i will have it, i have carried in open view which is legal here as long as i am not driving in a vehicle at the time- in which case it has to be in a case and unloaded.

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Why not?

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Well site and information posted on sites like this can follow you, and will hold up in court.

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Haha yeah, you shouldn't have just told everyone that....

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I'm getting my license next year. Just because you have to have it to join the Police force, which is what I'm doing in the future. I also want a gun license when I go to India.

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I wanted to get it this year but my mum wouldn't let me have a gun until next year lol

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