Can you have a learner's permit in more than one state?

for example: lets say i had one in WV, could i also get one in NC or SC? the reason for asking this is..i moved to SC and i found out that it takes 6 months+ to get your licenses no matter your WV it only takes 30 days..and i believe its the same in NC…but my dilema is..i cannot make it in time to WV (already have had two permits to go dead on me =[) so could i also have a permit in NC or that way whichever i get to first because im 21 and dont have my license yet..UGGHH..(and i have a baby on the i need them ASAP lol)

Answer #1

if you have a full license already, you don’t need a permit for another state.

Answer #2

thats the point..lmao i dont have my license yet..

Answer #3

Your 21, you should be able to get your license by a court order. You shouldn’t have to even have a permit, i don’t think

Answer #4

ive never even heard of ill check out on that tho..

Answer #5

if u already have a lerners permit then u cant go any other state

Answer #6

ya u can have a learners permit for all state……..u just have to apply for……..which will be valid for all

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