Can I develop breast milk if my breast are sucked every day?

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You body will produce as much milk as is needed to feed your child. They will stop producing milk only after you have stoped feeding for a long while and you won't get any more untill you have another baby. To anwser your question, the only way to keep lactating is if you ARE feeding every day.

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well my friend not unless the sucking leads to some YOU KNOW WHAT! you cannot develop breast milk unless you are impregnated by your man. an to me it sounds like that is gonna happen real soon.

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you have to want it. the female body produces milk when it feels it's necessary (I.e. pregnancy) if you truly feel like you have to and you give it a sucking motion then it can.

but if they're sucked everyday and you don't want to produce milk you probably won't but I'm not 100% try looking it up or as your doctor.

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your boobs dont produce breast milk unless your pregnant

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