After the water breaks on the dog how long to give birth?

How long does it take to give birth after the water breaks on the dog. I have a maltese poodle and her water broke but no puppies. Is she in any danger?

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My cocker spaniel's waters broke first, 30 minutes later her pup was born. very quick, especially for her first time. I knew it was coming tho cause her behaviour changed slightly the day before

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Her water broke? I don't really remember water breaking first? You should be having pup right after or just before the gush of water. If not you better leave the room, she is holding back until you leave. Dogs will do that.

Normally first the sack with the puppy comes out than the gush of fluids comes with the after birth but all dogs are a little different, no two cases are the same

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do you see anything hanging from her vulva? Labor can take as long as 24 hours. IF you see that she is having a hard time and is getting impatient like moving around and won't lay down or sit. then I might take her to the vet. If she doesn't deliver in say a couple of hours and her vulva is bulging and you can see something hanging out then I would suggest taking her to the vet. best of luck.

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All wrong at least 5 hours if nothing comes tak e her to vet like rally fast.

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I'm not real sure, but I think they should give birth in atleast 24 hours, if she hasn't had them by mourning call the vet.

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ajag is correct! You dont really want to take to much of a chance when it comes to small breads. But remember if one puppy passes then the rest will, 9 times out of 10, fallow! You should keep her in a dark quiet room and leave her alone, If she sees you are freaking out she will freak out and not want to give birth, give her a nice worm bed so the puppies are worm when they are born! I am an emergency Vet. Tech. and I always see people bring there pets in and the owners need to take a chill pill and when the owners calm down the Puppies are born with no help from us!

What breed is the father, a lot of the time if the father is a larger breed the puppies are bigger and to big for the mom to give birth to, In this case you may have to go to an emergency vet. and have a surgery!

If you see a sack hanging out of her Vulva, leave it alone untill it comes out on its own, If it breaks and nothing comes out, go to the Vet, you may need to get an injection to help with the contractions!

Just remember Take a deep breath and do your research!

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I was seaching this too. I breed and this is the first time that it looked like a "water" broke like in a human. This dog has had puppies before, so I am not nervous at all. It just seems odd that it happened this time, but she is not having contractions or pushing yet. It has been about 12 since her water broke and she still slept with me last night. So how long do I wait before I start to worry.

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she may have just urinated. when close to labor some will have accidents.

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