How long before puppys after water breaks ?

How long after a dogs water breaks ,,till puppys are born? when should I be concerded after the water breaks ,,and no puppies are born?

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When they're water breaks it's not like a puppy's going to come fly out.
Lol. It'll take up to 1+ hours for her to give birth to her first puppy. It'll take a LONG time for all the other pups, But you better drink some coffee you'll be up all night watching the mother.

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Ummm...theres no certain time. It's probably gonna take a while though. It takes a while for humans to have babies,animals are no different.


After the water breaks on the dog how long to give birth?

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First puppy should appear in less than 1 hour.

Read this its really helpful.

How long does it take for a dog to have puppies?

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