How long after the dog water breaks does she have pups?

I have a doberman and when I was in the kitchen with her I thought she started to pee but I noticed that it wasn't yellow like it should be if it was pee, so I took some paper towel and cleaned it and it was just a water substance. That was 2 days ago im not sure if it was the sack breaking but she has been leaking some out of her since then, someone told me that this can happen for a few days is this true?

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When was she due to whelp?? After the water breaks, she should have gone into labor within hours...NOT DAYS.

Get to the Vet!!!


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Usually if it really was the water this love has puppies within hours but it could be some other discharge, if she has a narrow pelvis, strains or gasps she has dystocia AND MAY NEED H-E-L-P

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I suggest that you make her a little bed type thing and put her in it. because those puppies could pop out at any time and you need to make sure that there in a safe spot. my dog just had puppies and she didnt have them for about 3 more days after her water keep a close eye on her because they will be comeing soon :)

How long before puppys after water breaks ?

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