How Can I Explain What Kool-Aide Is To My Rather Mentally Challenged Friend?

Answer #1

be all cool about it;and make a big pitcher of it.and bring it to them.and make it all ghetto and whatnot! l0l…haha thatd be soo cool :)

Answer #2

Kool aide is a kids drink. BUT Kool aide drinkers are in reference to the people who killed themselves while drinking kool aide laced with cyanide to follow their great leader to the great beyond back in the 1970’s. They are commonly used when talking about Obama’s voters because they blindly follow him.

Answer #3

OMG you know what I’m going nuts and you’re already crazy lets do the world a favor and sign up for an insane asylum lmao

Answer #4

It’s called a flavored soft drink that comes in powder form (with or without sugar) and you mix it with water.

Answer #5

Kool Aide is a flavoured powder that you add water to in order to make a fruity flavoured beverage.

That’s not so hard :)

Answer #6

Lol, aside from Australia (Asia Pacific) NOT being in the UK (which is considered being in Europe), you can just send him/her a picture of a Kool-Aid and say it’s something like Gatorade (which I’m guessing it is). There is Gatorade in Australia.

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Answer #8

Um not to burn or anything and hopefully I’m not mistaken but I’m pretty sure Australia isn’t part of the U.K it was a territory up until 1901 but I’m pretty sure it’s not IN the U.K

Answer #9

I don’t know what it is either. I live in Northern Ireland, where the only powdered drinks are cocoa, bovril and cup-a-soups. Lol. =o)

Answer #10

My bad but anyways just send him a pic and don’t tell me he doesn’t have internet or phone or how else you communicating with him? Morse code? lol but yea just do that

Answer #11

Call Her && I’ll Punch You THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! Meannn :( I Was VERY Clear Idkk Well I Didnt Get Any so I don’t know…

Answer #12

I NEVER Resort To Violence!NEVER EVER! Your Gunna Kill ME! =0 Take that backk! Yahuh because I didnt get them

Mann you see you hate me :(!

Answer #13

Nooo you’re saying one more and it’s over which means you want me to slip so you can get rid of me I know how you are

Answer #14

Um yahh it is K fine it’s my fault then =O seriously?wow just for that..you just want to get rid of me


Answer #15

Why you going to punch me for?See you resort to violence thats what I don’t like geeze chill babe You’re going to kill me I swear you are um no you weren’t you never are to me still didn’t mean I didn’t try to comunicate with you

Answer #16

OMFG babe seriously we need a danged psychiatrist I’m callin Oprah And I wasn’t being mean it’s just I really seriously don’t EVER know when your jokin you’re never clear about that..at least to me Hey w/e happened to your hommie dommie ommie? I pinky pwomise I sent txts to your phone

Answer #17

Yea go ahead take a shot and make our probs public but you know what I have been trying to make things better and I even tried contacting you yesterday and I remebered your phone might’ve been cut off so don’t blame me for not talking to you and I actually talked to you more often than before and you call that rarely? I’m just frustrated at the sight of things at how I make an effort and you don’t acknowledge it.

(And Yes I do realize I just made this even more personal but I needed to tell you this now b/c it’s been bothering me)

Answer #18

You just said you were going to punch me thats not violence?Wow then I don’t know what violence is Oh you see now you flipped it on me oy wizzles Take what back?Did I insult you?If I did I’m sowy baby I weally am pwez accept my apology??Pwetty pwez? No it don’t I did TRY to communicate it’s not my fault the service providers failed in delivering it

No I don’t stop saying that I NEVER EVER said I hate you..unlike you even if it is playful I never play with those words

Answer #19

Thats so NOT Violence! Cause its YOUR FAULT! Yes You Did :( Mmmm Okay I Forgive You But Only ONCE!Do it again && Were done! YOUR FAULT!

You Make Me So Whiney Seriously !

Answer #20

No you see what your doing is that your gunna do something wrong on purpose make me bad break up && Blame it on me

yeaa I know u!

Answer #21

Well who the hell can tell when you’re joking?! I sure as hell can’t b/c you always say your joking when your not so I can never tell if it’s legit uh hmmm not so sure,you said hmm rarely communicate and thats a hint Not from you b/c I can never tell when you’re joking! Actually I sent like 5txts and figured well she’s not answering so whats the point of calling.

Answer #22

=0 I am Not Crazyy just dizzy lmaoo! O.o Whats that???

Answer #23

Its A He && He Lives In The UK ( AUSTRALIA ) I Knew that..


Answer #24

just tell him ist tasty powder you put in water to make it taste better

Answer #25

Take her some to school and show her =)

Answer #26

No No Its not! Yay Finally (: No You want to Get Rid Of Me!


Answer #27

Go Ahead && Say All You Want. You Sure As hell Cant Take A Joke && Noone Knew We Had Any Probs Until Now Take A Joke Cant You? && BTW I got no text no calls yesterday so is that contact? Just Wondering?

Answer #28


Well Omgg ASKKK! Is that so flippin hard?! Uh no! Well You Dont Have To Be Mean About It :( I Didnt Get any! && Well Of Course I Wasnt Gunna Answer!

Answer #29

Ugh Shutup Eric! You Know Im Not Smart Ughh && You Didnt Even Answer My Question!!! NICEEE

Answer #30

Same Way I Communicate With You

No way No how && Rarelyy

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