What kind of full time job can i get with little experience and just out of high school?

i cant afford college until next year, and that leaves this whole year open for whatever, and i want to work full time. any ideas on physical labour jobs that would allow a 17 year old with no experience to work? i dont like the idea of working minimum wage at mcdonalds or something...

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Waiter, bartender (they make a lot of money), paper pusher, or some other behind-the-counter job (McDonalds, Smoothie King, receptionist for a company, walmart) construction worker, etc.

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Underground Storage Tank technician. If heating oil is in use in your town, ask around about tank decommissioning/sampling. I worked in that profession for three years and it's the best job I've ever had! It involves Heating oil (#2 red Diesel) and the (U)nderground (S)torage (T)ank that it's stored in. If a house uses heating oil to fuel its heat source, then theres a tank of the stuff in the backyard. Its usually between 2 and 6 feet underground. Tanks are made of steel. As the water from downspouts, sprinkler systems, and leaky outdoor faucets rusts the underground tank it begins to leak oil into the ground. The soil turns blue and carcinogens enter groundwater eventually. Thats where UST techs come in, they sample the soil from the ends of the tank-bottom and if its contaminated they clean the mess up. This involves digging and all sorts of other muscle building, body conditioning work. It pays well and is certainly full time.

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